The purpose of this project, was to create aircraft for having fun in exploring the scenery, instead of real-life flight training.
None of the following models fly like a conventional airplane, and are easy for the beginner.
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Of the following 5 "aircraft" models, 4 are loaded with

Bluebird Explorer Hovercraft
This browser does not support frames. Worry not, here are the text links:<BR> <a href="bluebird_screenshots.html?nf">Screenshot Gallery</a><br> <a href="bluebird_download.html?nf">Download Current version</a><br> <a href="data/bluebird-change-log.txt">Change Log &amp; Readme</a><br> <a href="model_news.html?nf">News and Release Schedule</a><br>
bluebird is released under GPL v2

Horse models
<a href="horse_screenshots.html?nf">Screenshot Gallery</a><br> <a href="horse_download.html?nf">Download Current version</a><br>

The following fan-art models are not licensed under the GPL. They are copyright by authors and trademarks of their respective sources.
Conditions of Use: only for non-profit commercial or personal end use. Original mesh is freely available. Author must get credited.
Stargate Daedalus X-305 Starship
<a href="daedalus_screenshots.html?nf">Screenshot Gallery</a><br> <a href="daedalus_download.html?nf">Download Current version</a><br>

The following Star Trek models are copyright by author and trademarks of Viacom/Paramount, (and after the 2005 split, now owned by CBS.)

CBS Vice President for Product Development John Van Citters said in 2016 "We want fans to be involved, very much so, ...and bring Star Trek to a bigger and brighter future. They're not going to hear from us. They're not going to get a phone call, they're not going to get an email. They're not going to get anything that's going to ruin their day one way or another and make them feel bad, like they've done something wrong."
However, due to the takedown of Stage 9, see their goodbye message at youtube video
There will be no further releases below this line, as I consider Star Trek to be dead, just as the original canon timeline is. Promoting these models runs contrary to the Paramount alternate timeline copyright purchased from CBS, and in the current climate of attacking fans, the only winning move is not to play.
These are not officially licensed projects. I have no affiliation with them. I am just a fan that created fan art.

Type 6 Shuttlecraft
<a href="shuttle6_screenshots.html?nf">Screenshot Gallery</a><br> <a href="shuttle6_download.html?nf">Download Current version</a><br> <a href="data/shuttle6-change-log.txt">Change Log &amp; Readme</a><br>

Danube class Runabout
<a href="danube_screenshots.html?nf">Screenshot Gallery</a><br> <a href="danube_download.html?nf">Download Current version</a><br> <a href="data/danube-change-log.txt">Change Log &amp; Readme</a><br>

Type 9 Shuttlecraft
<a href="shuttle9_screenshots.html?nf">Screenshot Gallery</a><br> <a href="shuttle9_download.html?nf">Download Current version</a><br> <a href="data/shuttle9-change-log.txt">Change Log &amp; Readme</a><br>

For the primary package,,, etc.
Unzip in your flightgear data/Aircraft directory.
(replace the variable $FGBASE with your actual location on your computer)

For the Multiplayer package,, etc. (look for the current version in each aircraft tab, IF it is not already included in your fg-data base package).
Unzip in your flightgear data directory.
The content will be extracted into the AI/Aircraft directory.

Starting Flightgear:
If you are running the newest version of FlightGear, version 1.9 or cvs built with OpenSceneGraph, start with:

If you are running FlightGear version 1.0 (with Plib)
--aircraft=shuttle6 (This will change once released for 1.0)

or if you are running FlightGear version 0.9.10

Support for FlightGear versions 1.0 and earlier is being dropped from development, and forked to a separate release package, as the new model animations are not very well supported. Version 1.0 barely allowed these improvements to work, and are noticably deficient in a few areas.
As this changeover occurs, I will leave one older version available on the download tabs.

Counter-grav controls, or VTOL (Vertical Take Off & Landing) can be controlled with the following input devices:

Help is available by pressing [?]

The simulator starts up with the power on, and engines on standby, ready for hover up and throttle up.
For a perfect flight, Hover Up first before Throttling Up or you will hear a rubbing sound as your landing gear rubs the tarmac. Newer version of bluebird start with wheels down so you can taxi around immediately.

Summary of useful keys:
[Home] Hover Up increases vertical thrust, increase altitude.
[End] Hover Down.
[Page Up] Increase throttle, speed up.
[Page Down] Decrease throttle, slow down.
[8] Keypad Up pushes the control stick up, or away from the pilot, to pitch nose down.
[2] Keypad Down pulls the control stick down, toward the pilot, to pitch nose up.
[4] Keypad Left moves the control stick left, steer left.
[6] Keypad Right moves the control stick right, steer right.
[b] Backwards, Reverse throttle direction only while held down.

In the UFO flight model, Flaps are not needed. The same keys are used instead to set the maximum engine speed, just like Gearing on a car with manual transmission. Faster speeds associated with escape velocity are not allowed in the lower atmosphere where the air is too dense for realistic flight. The ship's automated systems will reduce your maximum speed upon re-entry from space.
[ [ ] left square bracket increases Maximum Speed. Increment Gear speed, speed up.
[ ] ] right square bracket decreases Maximum Speed. Decrement Gear speed, slow down.

Several control buttons on the dashboard can be pressed with the mouse pointer.
[~] Tilde. Master power button. In bluebird, it is on the left panel, button #1 from the left. Trek LCARS panel is top middle bar.
[ \ ] Backslash. Toggle Secondary power system. For the bluebird, it is called CounterGrav or Fusion power, and turning this off allows you to drive around on the ground. In Trek, it is labeled Impulse.
[spacebar] Toggle Primary power system, the Nacelles. reduces maximum speed without any forward thrusting engines. In Trek, it is labeled Warp Drive, although it does no such thing, we'll just imagine this is required for faster atmospheric flight, and that the Impulse engines are somehow restricted in power output.
[v] increment View location.
[c] increment Cockpit or Camera location. Only takes effect when View location is set to Cockpit.
To leave the cockpit and become the walker, change your cabin/cockpit position with [c].
    Walk around the cabin with the [w] and [a] [s] [d] keys. (WASD = Forward, Left, Backwards, and Right)
    Another way is to teleport outside/inside quickly with [o].
[o] Toggle Outside or Inside location for walker.

[g] Gear up for Bluebird only.
[Shift-G] Gear down.
[Ctrl-g] Toggle Gear mode. Extend fully for landing, or crouch low for loading.
[Ctrl-w] Toggle Wheels up/down.

[f] Increment Door selected. Next to each door is also a button that can be pressed.
[ctrl-f] Toggle selected Door open or closed.

As of 2014 for FG 3.0, the hotkey for the configuration option menu changed, and no longer uses the [TAB] key.
It is now available by pressing [=] the Equal key.
Most buttons on the instrument panel have a corresponding keyboard button.
The Walker animation control also pops up with [=] when outside.

Original Bluebird notes with design drawings, thoughts, and source material.

If you still have questions and feel more instructions are necessary, email me with suggestions or questions.
Noah J. has made a video tutorial demonstrating the basic keys on YouTube 1NVDiLLl9tg

Reference links Other similar aircraft links
If you encounter any problems, or bugs, please let me know. Hey, I'd like to hear positive things too!
The Daedalus for example, was made by request.

All of the work presented on this page, with the exception of meshes authored by others so noted, has been done by volunteer effort, and represents thousands of hours on my part.

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