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All interpretations are of course dependant on body language and the situation.
Feel free to send me your translation suggestions if your experiences differ.
Neigh1 40k Greeting / "Where are you?"
Neigh2 42k "I'm Boss"
Neigh3 18k
Neigh4 11k Greeting
Neigh5 15k "Come out, play with me"
Neigh6 7k
Neigh7 14k Greeting
Neigh8 47k Pony: "Where are you?"
Neigh9 13k Greeting
Neigh10 16k Greeting
Nicker1 13k "Friend"
Nicker2 3k Protest
Nicker3 24k
Nicker4 8k "Have it your way"
Snort1 12k
Snort2 7k
Whinny 12k Friend greeting
CanterB 27k Steady canter beat
Gallop 91k Galloping by
Begging 97k Glamour begging nickering
Help 55k Glamour saying "Help! Horse fly biting me"
baby goat1 21k baby buck goat saying "Maaa"
baby goat2 24k baby doe goat saying "Maaa"
quiet chorus 27k both together
Ma 1 29k sounds more like "Ma"
Ma 2 44k both vocalizing, 2nd really sounds like "Ma"
Ma 3 36k 3rd baby can also say "Ma"
noisy baby goats 43k 2 other baby goats from different genetics singing in chorus
noisy goats 2 63k same 2, but longer

Birdsing 38k Birds singing
Bird2 18k Bird chirp
Bark 3k
Wolf 48k

To save the sound files:
Shift-Left click or Right click on the speaker icon,
then chose:
Save Link As or Save Target As,
Place the WAV files in your Windows/Media (or equivilant) directory (or folder)
Then change your Control Panel settings as desired.

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