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Trail thumbnail Selections from 12 miles of trails (excluding graveled logging roads).

Alder regrowth.

Trail thumbnail Trail thumbnail
Trail thumbnail
Trail thumbnail Trail thumbnail
Taken in a tree farm planted in 1982.

1998.Jun.20 - 1998.Jun.22


1998.Jul.10 - 2000.Aug.30 Same location

Into the hills thumbnail 1999.Apr.24
Stewart riding Shadow up Forks Creek D-line into the Willapa hills. Willapa Valley at Frances behind me. Olympic Mountains barely visible on right side. Elevation: 1200 ft.

1733x840 281Kb
Willapa Hills thumbnail 1999.Apr.24
From top of D-1540. Looking north over Willapa Valley with Olympic Mountains 89 miles distant. Mt. Olympus in left corner of enlargement. Taken from an elevation of 1720 ft.
11 Mile round trip to valley: (elevation 200 ft.)

1600x900 290Kb
Frances thumbnail
Panorama from A-424. Looking east thru south. Elevation 700 ft.

3668x600 510Kb
Willapa Hills thumbnail
Panorama from D-440, southeast of the eastern waterfall. Looking northwest thru east. Elevation 2260 ft.

3558x600 303Kb
Sunrise thumbnail 1999.Aug.23
Looking NW toward Raymond, Lebam, Frances, and Aberdeen from Forks Creek A-line near 4300 junction. Elevation 1860 ft. Fog in the valley as sunrise approaches.

1505x841 103Kb
Ride above the clouds thumbnail 1999.Aug.26
Inspired by the valley fog on Aug.23, I saddled Shadow and set out before dawn.
From A-424. Looking east at fog in the valley.

1779x1000 235Kb
Profile thumbnail 1999.Aug.26
Shadow's profile at dawn with valley fog for background.

800x538 28Kb
Flood thumbnail 1999.Feb.24
Shadow watching the Willapa River, after eight inches of rain in 26 hours brought the river up to a depth of 10 1/4 feet. Flooding the fields, wiping out fencelines. A recurring theme along the floodplain.

1576x898 323Kb
Playing with tree limb thumbnail 1998.Jan.15
Roan playing with the tree limb that blew down in recent storm.

Shadow is probably glad this branch is too big for him to chase her with.

1340x1005 243Kb
Waterfall thumbnail 1999.Feb.24
Forks Creek D-line waterfalls roaring after 8" of rain.
1774x874 145Kb
Location specifics:
From picture taken 1996.Jul.1 (960701) from Forks Creek A-line 424 (A-424) at 46°33.1'N 123°32.5'W
Frances, Washington is shown in the left picture (960701p1.jpg)
A-4300 can be seen in the center picture (960701p2.jpg) at (x,y) coordinates (875,137)
D-1540 can be seen in the right picture (960701p3.jpg) at (647,101)
Both before they were logged in 1999 and 1998 respectively.

Picture taken 1999.Apr.24 (9904242w.jpg) from D-1540 at 46°29.8'N 123°32.3'W
A-424 can be seen at (0,340)

Picture taken 1999.Aug.23 (9908239w.jpg) from A-4300 at 46°29.2'N 123°28.5'W
A-424 can be seen at (510,553)
Tower light above Raymond can be seen at (290,445)
Cosmopolis hill can be seen at (1455,446)
valley field (9902241w.jpg) is at (804,602)

Picture taken 1999.Feb.24 (9902241w.jpg) from valley field at 46°32.7'N 123°31.4'W
D-440 can be seen at (192,447)
D-1540 can be seen at (1712,462)
Technical notes:
Scanning a 4x6 photo at 300dpi yields a graphic 1780x1180x16million weighing in at 6.05Mb. Saving in the GIF format (which can have a color depth no greater than 256 colors) leaves the filesize around 1.4Mb. Saving in the JPG format (JPG uses a "lossy" compression, losing detail according to the quality setting) still leaves the filesize around 300Kb. By reducing the color depth (32K or 256), then saving in the JPG format, the filesize may be reduced to 200Kb. Of course, cropping and resizing are options to further shrink the photo (before saving in JPG).
Tip: Try reducing the color depth to 32K instead of 256 colors. Sometimes the former results in a smaller file, and retains the photo quality. At a certain point, too few colors makes the image more complicated, and harder to compress.

Added 2003.Jun When saving for archive purposes, where retaining quality is the goal, Save as JPG for highest compression, but change quality to 100% to avoid any significant lossy compression. For no loss, save as PNG.
Copyright notice: All photographs on this page were taken and scanned personally. You are free to download these graphics for personal or non-profit use only.
I've rode to several peaks and locations in the area, and have taken dozens of panoramic views. If you'd like to see more from my collection, please let me know.

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