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Video Album - Trouble on Lambert Creek
Dangerous roads

This is part 1 of 3 in the Trouble series. [Part 2] 2013 dog attack Rowan, or [Part 3] 2015.
From when the trouble started in 2006, I started reporting to law enforcement the threatening and reckless driving of several vehicles on the roadways, Sheriff officers have told me this is a "lawless area," so my complaints are not without merit. But they have to be the ones to see the activity in order to write citations, and have sufficient evidence to stand up in court.

But as the incidents continue to accumulate, of drivers that harass and threaten me, and close encounters on the public roads, I feel like I am fighting against a brick wall, or tilting at windmills, for it now seems a hopeless battle that is only destroying me, as it has my horses.

Evidence beyond my say so begins with my first body cam, starting in
2009. This first video is still heart pounding, and is a good example of how drivers should not behave.

Idaho 9B-29349 accelerated to 35 pulling noisy trailer. Cowgirl (horse) darted her head back and forth to the ditch twice just before the truck went past. Considered leaping? This truck came from same address that another vehicle previously went by us twice at 35 with 1 foot separation.
Play 28 second clip MJPEG 640x480 22.0Mb
This one in 2011 was my first accident.

2 ATV speeding, slowed down some, but... got off balanced up on Abby's neck, and when she did stop, down I went. The hyperextension injury to my right elbow resulted in tendonitis, and has never recovered.
Play 23 second clip MPEG4 640x360 5.8Mb
The sheriff deputy responded quickly, but was unable to locate these two, even with the clear, full-size pictures [JPG] from this video.
This one in 2009 was typical and consistant of the driving habits of the local trouble makers.

A67378W Slowed to 47 in a 30 MPH zone. This vehicle regularly went back and forth at 50-53 MPH.
Play 40 second clip MPEG1 640x360 12.1Mb
I had time to stop my horse, and get the second camera out because the engine roar was so loud, I could hear him coming.
The county road is posted

The daily problem here affecting everybody, is drug-or-drunk DUI drivers that are bad enough to be Negligent and Reckless.
The residents here in our rural residential neighborhood, are getting upset at the lack of action or enforcement of the 30 MPH speed limit.
Combined with the number of animals run over in the last 4 plus years, and the increasing number of close-calls including Yours-truly, the danger is high enough that residents do not feel comfortable walking alongside the road. This is not a freeway!
I've been nearly run over several times, and when a vehicle comes at your horse at 50 MPH leaving only a few feet to spare, either you move (sell by real estate), or take back your neighborhood. If the good people do nothing, then what hope is there?

Because of two points: this year (2012) there are enough neighbors who are upset, and second, the frequency and velocity has risen to such a level; that I felt compelled to increase my attempts to get proof for law enforcement to act upon, thus increased surveilance resulting in videos such as these below, and filling a DVD for submitting to them.
I finally captured some videos that show the activity here can't be denied.

white SUV going 58 MPH.
Play 17 second clip MPEG2 720x480 18.5Mb
Sample of video from location B (for Barn) where speed can be calculated as 547 ft in x seconds.
Identity of the vehicle however, is less certain.

AES1088 Going at least 66 in a 30 MPH zone!
Play 12 second clip MPEG4 640x360 3.3Mb
Ford Mustang 2-door wheelbase 100.5 inches in 2.4 frames = 71 MPH as it went past.

669-ZOA Going 51 MPH.
Play 20 second clip MPEG4 640x360 5.3Mb

137-UMK Going 54 MPH.
Play 9 second clip MPEG4 640x360 1.7Mb

Same vehicle passing during winter, on icy road. Going 47 MPH, I'm going 26.
Play 48 seconds MPEG4 320x180 1.8Mb

It is easy to catch 4 to 7 examples per day, EVERY DAY, going 43 to 52 MPH, limited only by the battery pack, and my energy to keep up with the flood of data to examine. And for anybody who knows me, this direction of my energies is not consistant with who I am, or who I want to be. But I can't give up easily, I have to try.

HUNDREDS of Glass beer bottles litter the shoulders too, (can you spot the hazard in this photo?)

so don't be quick to suggest I jump off the road, also needing to avoid the barbed wire fences.

The really bad close-calls are rarely caught on video. Either I don't press the buttons in the correct timing sequence, or I get into photo mode and don't realize it. Basically, there is not enough time to make sure the video is going before the unexpected happens, or to say, when the pressure to start the camera is highest.

ACH7009 Zooming past my horse. Definitely did not slow at all.
Play 10 seconds MPEG4 640x360 2.6Mb

Finally caught a good video, B77685R coming around corner fast, 35-40 MPH, DOWNHILL, unable to stop, only slows some.
Play 21 second clip MPEG4 640x360 5.6Mb

Horses hate motorcycles. That is why there is a 3-yield triangle.
On top of that, Nobody looks behind them to see what happens in their wake. This time Rowan really bucks. At least the 2nd rider saw That.
No, they are not speeding, but not really thinking about safety either.
Play 14 second clip MPEG4 640x360 3.7Mb

Ha! I finally videoed the yellow motorcycle going 60 MPH
4 second clip MPEG4 640x360 1.2 Mb
, slowed to 50 for the corner. Obviously by that comment, I have seen him going 50-60 quite often.

B40898H is a daily repeat offender, seen speeding 45MPH daily, all year.
This time coming around corner at 40, slowed to 37, reved back up to 40MPH average, (measured distance to corner)
Play 16 second clip H264 MOV 960x540 6.5Mb

One other detail, there is a horse camp trailhead on the end of Lambert Creek. Tourism is an important part of Ferry Hazzard County, and horseback riding is not only enouraged here, but is included in the easements for the development. This area is supposed to be safe for horses. The activity I describe is definitely not safe, and even one incident can ruin the confidence of a horse around traffic. I can attest to this myself now. So even if there is no physical contact, which would total a vehicle and kill the horse, there are other collateral damages to consider.

Compilation of a few children and residents walking along our rural road.
Play 13 seconds MPEG4 640x360 3.7 Mb

I need a plan... Avoidance is great to a point, but eventually there will be conflicts.
Remember the trouble with Ron?
Play 0:21 Speeds up. Zooms past Cowgirl at nervous speed. One of many serious Threatening incidents
This is the same man that accelerated on the county road to 35 MPH, crossed the center line, on a corner, to drive close to us on the wrong side of the road, within 3 or 2 feet. Who would be okay with this?
Wonder how is Ron driving this year?
Play 0:27 Hurry get out of the way, he's not stopping. His mindset is to play chicken.
No real change, although there was more room to keep away from him this day.
Reminds me of those videos on YouTube of vehicles harassing and hitting bicycles, which has led to new laws like CVC-21202, and new signs to remind drivers that bicycles MAY use the FULL lane, replacing the SHARE THE ROAD signs.
So with my signs posted, it should be enforceable now, right?
The road is posted to yield to horses, and he pulls this, and gets away with it!

RCW 46.61.400(1,3) Basic rule and maximum limits, the duty of all persons to use due care, and drive at a reduced speed when special hazard exists.
RCW 46.61.500(1) Reckless driving defined as disregard for safety.
RCW 46.61.465 Exceeding speed limit is evidence of reckless driving.
RCW 46.61.025 Persons riding animals upon a roadway shall be granted all the rights and shall be subject to all the duties applicable to the driver of a vehicle.

We don't need new laws. Just the existing ones to get enforced.

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