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Roadway ahead has been renamed from WHACKMASTER because it was offensive to the new owners of a few properties.
Here see the snow is still fairly deep, Looking north up Chill Hill Dr, paralleling Little Bear Canyon.
N. Lambert Lane which goes to the right, was the first road to head east from this canyon in 1969, and is the official placement. It is also in the sun, and dry. It is also the easement shown on AFN 159130 as granted by Curlew Rim Ranches Div.3, dated 1969.Jun.30.
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This year the melting season has been very hard on the roadway access.
Deputy Paul-6 got stuck here, and required a tow truck to get out.
Everybody takes the upper route because...? the lower way was blocked for years. Also that's the way the real estate agent took them. So it must be correct!
I hike up here to see what happened,
This white Chev pickup tried to go around the mudhole, and wound up sliding down the hill.
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Another victim had to be pulled out by Scott, the newest owner up Chill Hill.

This is motivation to do something.
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New signage to end the confusion. Which way gets improved and driven is their decision, but now it will be an informed one.
In the winter and spring, the offical N. Lambert Lane gets plenty of sun, and has no low spot for a mudhole. As a counterpoint, it is instead too tight in the switchbacks. That can be fixed with heavy equipment, when somebody gets around to it.

Also the three driveways between 30 and 45 Chill Hill Dr will now have meaning, a solid address and Situs.
Which will benefit giving directions to; friends, family, delivery trucks, fire, ambulance, etc.

My neighbor, Kevin, who has been blocking Kingfisher Wy for years, yelling at people going the legal way, the one shown on his own 1995 Short Plat 95-008 survey document AFN 230827, has seen the new sign, and sent me an email:
"Stewart, I see you have gone a put up another sign. You seem to bring trouble on yourself."
I tell him this is Scott's sign.
"There are 2 new landowners up Chill Hill Ln now. Does it matter which of them want a clear address to their property?

Is the sign incorrect?

How can telling the truth be considered causing trouble?"

He considers it trouble, for him, since he has been responsible for the pattern of blocking roads,
See low wire at neck level while riding horse, [JPG] 2007-08-04 [JPG] nearly decapitated me. Challenge yourself, would you see it in time?

Also Yelling at, for 14+ years, every car that goes past on KingFisher Wy was getting yelled at, "Get out of here, Not a road, Get off my lawn," sufficiently loudly that we (my family) could hear it from here, 200 ft away.
Gating, [MOV] 2018-04-27
Blocking with a saw-horse, or a tractor, [JPG] multiple years
Signs stuck in the middle of road below the upper switchback, [JPG] 2014-12-12

Exactly who is putting up signs and bringing trouble? If I was a psychologist I would diagnose this as Projection.
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I finally am able to go hiking again, and I discover... The new signage has been stolen.
In Washington, that is 3rd degree theft, a misdemenor. Or is it a federal crime too?

No tracks recently, so probably happened first half of June. The thief must've used heavy equipment to break off the 4x4, I can see the remains of the wood broken off at ground level. Eighteen inches of buried wood remains as evidence there was a sign here.
The post was broke off with heavy equipment. That narrows the suspect list to Mr. Rappe or Kevin Robinson, the 2 people living here that have both: heavy equipment, and the road going across their property.

No good deed goes unpunished.
Several years pass
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I see Mr. Rappe's Catepillar go up the Lane, so time to go hiking. I've been effectively crippled for so long it will be good exercise. That's a different story.
I see the upper switchback has been enlarged, that's good. But why did he park in such a way to block the bypass to Chill Hill Dr? (That's the muddy one, first bulldozed by Mr. Dragnich back in the early 1970's for logging trucks.)

So Rappe wants people to use the correct way? Okay. Hopefully that removes him from being a suspect.

After a little bit of research, I discover the county passed an ordinance, FC-2019-03, requiring proper signage for emergency services to get fast to those calling for help.
Then after talking to GIS, Public Works and the EMS firefighter, they confirm the roadway name has not changed.
New motivation. Let's see what happens if I put up a new sign this time.

Why should I care? We can all hear Kevin ask that... Because if I upgrade the signs on my property, to be in compliant with the ordinance, I want to know what will happen to them.
Seriously, why should helping other people be questioned at all? Only evil and uncaring people try to hurt others.
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New sign. Let's see if it gets stolen again. Start with laminated paper to save $70.

2023.Jul.02 20:52 [MP4] redAtv_ROBINSON,Kevin drove up to the intersection [JPG] and back down 21:00

2023.Jul.03 Sign is still in place.
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Surprising the catepillar is still there. Some people go left, some go right, although it is a tight squeeze.
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It's gone!

While I expected it, it is very disappointing to have neighbors that do this.
Stolen within the last 14 days.
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Paper signs are much less expensive, so begin round 3.

Kevin frequently gives me the middle finger. [MP4] [JPG] multiple counts. He is the prime suspect again.
Carson and Sunshine stop at Kevin's often. Do they talk about the sign?
Side story: 20230726 at 00:14 Mr.Hill attempts to pull 2axle trailer up Lane with 2 wheel drive, gets stuck at Rappe's first switchback. walks home at 04:03. [MP4] of flashlight going up Lane in dark.
Lane is blocked most of the day. Traffic takes Chill Hill bypass around it.
At 09:20 I see the sign is still there.
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2023.Jul.26 09:50
White Ford Van driven by Carson coming down the hill.
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2023.Jul.26 10:18
White Ford Van with expired plates and shared among 3 vehicles, and missing brake lights, finally makes it down the hill and departs. 28 minutes to drive half a mile?
Should only take 7 minutes. Everybody else does it in 4 to 7 minutes.
What did you do up there?
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What is this? Somebody put up a thick looking post, although not actually buried in the ground...
But look at the unreadable signs... They are backwards.
Whoever did this is trying to mislead people, or is genuinely confused... Nah, that's less likely considering the history here.

Follow foot prints in dust from neighbor at 59, Natalia says they didn't do it, just looking at the new change.
Insufficient evidence to accuse Kevin Robinson, despite the circumstantial evidence of long-term blocking,
swearing at me, gesturing when he sees me [MP4 dozens of times]. His email is the most direct evidence that indicates his thinking.
Sheriff needs to question Carson about who put him up to it, or why he put the sign up backwards and misleading. Does not match county GIS, or Google maps, or OSM maps, or maps, etc...
This should be viewed as an opportunity for education. Last time I went up there (2018) he met me with a rifle, so it won't be my job.

I don't believe I have the authority to touch this. Also I have learned the sheriff's deputies Have to be the ones to see it.

Did I ever see Deputy Venturo go past? No. Was there any follow up past the initial phone call? No.
Another year passes
Put up new signs for this year.
The sign for Kingfisher Way has been ripped off, and is dangling by one long screw.
Hike up to Chill Hill, and yes both signs here have been ripped and torn down also.
Prime suspect Sunshine did walk past yesterday. Also while she was standing on my property, talking to Kevin, I could see her gesturing wildly, pointing up the hill, and was clearly agitated about something. Maybe she was taking her frustrations out on other's property? Is that reportable? Would it matter?

Put 2 signs back up.
Discover signs torn down again.
Put 2 signs back up.
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One sign missing.

Just to reaffirm that sign #8 is still up, and does have the least offensive message possible.
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What did the prime suspect for this year have to say?

So... to promote a community of joy, you must tear down signs that are too negative to you, or this time, cover it up?


Oh, and thank you for walking past my other sign without tearing it down. Smile! The only solution is more cameras. Now I have to watch my property even more.
Noticed the N.LAMBERT LN sign at 0.51 Mi. and Kingfisher Bypass is gone.
It is not on my property, and not where I hike, so not my responsibility. Sad to lose another large metal sign that stood so long, it was put up around 2005.

Copyright notice: All photographs on this page were taken and scanned personally.

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