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My story with EHS, continued from part 1

When my family and I moved here in 2002 to Republic, WA, seeking a quiet rural area without towers, chemical, or electrical pollution, some of our symptoms disappeared immediately. Our health improved or recovered. Nobody around here could get cell-phone service.

Then in 2006.Feb, we noticed an increase in the noise levels, coinciding with cellular coverage for Curlew, and a new radio tower on Gold Mtn. Mom's tinitus which disappeared in 2002, started coming back. I started searching for ways to measure the EMR levels.

In 2008.Sep, a new cell-tower was erected right in the middle of Republic. When I drove thru town, my heartbeat became arrythmic, (skipping beats, or double beats) for the minute it took to get past the tower and exit town. Not to mention the spike up in headache pain. I became determined to avoid shopping at any stores in Republic. For a few years, the next nearest town was a quieter alternative.

In 2009, my rural neighborhood started hurting more. I had trouble pinning down the cause. I started seeing people driving while on their cell-phone, even down in the valley.
Map of measured coverage, starting in 2011.
Map of tower locations around Republic, over aster elevation topography.
and for comparison, Map of tower locations around Raymond, over aster elevation topography. (2011)

Another visible change was the number of satellite dishes, mostly for internet and television. The dishes concerned me as I knew they transmitted from Earth to satellite at 20-30 GHz, beyond the range of any consumer level meters. Others with EMS report ill effects near the back of these dishes due to the longitudinal/scalar waves coming off the back side, and I was sure I could feel some of them, one in particular. I tried to ignore it, and continued to ride to the mailbox past this house, because the only alternative is to ride along the power lines. This left me between a rock and hard place. When I did linger to talk to the neighbor (designated #3 by distance), whom at the time I considered a friend, I usually came away with a headache, but did not complain. For what good would it do?

Then on 2009.Oct.14, I was required to travel to Colville for a doctor's review. That office was very hot, (both power lines and wireless), and brought on such symptoms that I became very ill, and certainly failed the short term memory tests she was focusing on. I retreated for a few weeks, avoiding electrical devices, including this shielded and quiet computer.
Next just when my recovery was almost back, on 2009.Nov.17, I had to appear in Republic for jury duty. They apparantly did not believe my excuse this year. While waiting for everybody to arrive, I was exposed to someone in the room texting. I felt pain, and my headache grew. I moved to the opposite corner, but it was not far enough away. During the selection process, I quickly degraded to where I could not follow the judge speaking. My own speech became slurred and slow as I had trouble finding words. I became dizzy and came close to blacking out upon standing. I was not choosen, and quickly was driven home. Once again, I was down for a few weeks. My sensitivity was getting worse. I started having tinitus myself, hearing sounds both high pitched and low rumbling. The projects I was working on suffered, as my ability to function productively was smashed.

My need to identify and locate the source affecting us in our safe house became more urgent, the need to have a place I could recover, or at least stop getting worse. So now that I have explained the Why I have done this, here is a documentary of my efforts to do so:

Searching for Electro-Magnetic Smog - Rural Outdoors

In 2009.Dec, I purchased a new meter from EMFields, the ACOUSTIMETER AM-10, seeking to replace the (highly sensitive) ZAP CHECKER ZC180 whose analog needle gets stuck sometimes. (It's 4 years old) They said their current models are better about that problem, but I am not inclined to purchase another from them, while they only have analog needles. I was programmed to be a bean counter, so I like numbers to quantify the situation. Plus, it is important to gather evidence, or have proof not dependant on my word alone.

What a surprise! a hot spot in the (southwest) neighborhood, right where I have been getting headaches when passing by.

Peak from road 0.31 V/m
peak from outside front door 1.51 V/m

Average is low due to the digital and pulsed nature of the beacon. Average covers a sample time of 3 seconds.

I was finally able to say, what was bothering me (probably for the last year) was a beacon, transmitting 10 times per second.
Audio recording: 5 seconds 10Kb [mp3] (includes in the background, the sound of my horse walking.)
The beacon sounds like a jackhammer, and clearly identifies the type of transmitter.

Since mid or late 2009.December, I have also been getting spikes up in head pain, when near another neighbor in the opposite direction, (#1 to the southeast). Now as my round corral melts, I find I can no longer tolerate being near the fenceline. The pain and brain fog make my training corral no longer possible to be in.
On 2010.Mar.24, I was exposed to this neighbor's wireless router for just a few minutes, taking readings at close range (by my request, and invitation to investigate).
The ACOUSTIMETER went off the scale, reading > 6.0 V/m, and the CORNET measured over 0 dBm.
I can only hope the unambiguous noise and definitely high readings flashing in the red made an impression. Alas, it did not. Her husband can't be without his toys, and does not believe me.
What I had been speculating for 3 months was now confirmed as a definite cause. Unfortunately, I got an immediate migraine that really ruined not just my day, but the next several. I had definite symptoms of a concussion, as each step felt like my brain was being jostled around and bruised in severe pain. It took 5 or 6 days to recover; from just 5 minutes of exposure. This is what Electro Hyper Sensitivity Syndrome means to me. If I don't avoid it, it ruins my health and ability to accomplish anything. Exposures like that really ruin my short term memory, my speech, concentration. I was down for several days.

Is it really too much to ask, to turn off their noise-makers when they are not home, or are in bed? If for example, the equipment in question was a boom box, how long would the neighborhood tolerate it being on 24/7??
"Do to others, what you would want them to do to you" is a well known rule, and certainly applies here.

Over the last year since this WiFi was added next door, I have been getting progressively worse again. Last summer I added shielding to our windows, which helped immensely in being able to tolerate being upstairs in the house. But despite this, it is not enough for me or the others in my family who are also sensitive. I now wake up each morning with a level 2 headache. When I go outside, the pain spikes up to level 3 and later level 4 approaching a mild concussion, if I linger here too long. The only way I can escape the neighbor's toys now is to get 1000 feet away, preferrably up in the National Forest, where my headache goes down, and the bruising clears after a couple hours. (Assuming I avoid hilltops of course.)

Please see the youtube links on the next page, showing how red blood cells clump together from this type of exposure. Also the study on how DECT phones affect the heart. These studies clearly match my symptoms.

Next when I did intentionally go into noisy environments, or kind of, forced into it...

This is from driving through Airway Heights near Spokane, on Hwy 2:
Click to enlarge
This shows a steady level of activity around -38 dBm, then a spike up to -5 dBm (182.74 mW/m²) when passing an unmarked WSP patrol car, and in the last 7 seconds, the background level went up to -29 dBm, holding fairly steady until I pressed the Hold button at -30 dBm (0.564 mW/m²). The ability to show the last 16 seconds (32 bars) on a graph is Very useful!

When I felt the spike of pain, I glanced at the meter, and pressed the Hold button. Later, after I was Out of the city, I was then able to take this picture. Therefore the color LED bar is only showing one green light.
This was the first time in several years since I have been near Spokane, and so took the opportunity to take many readings with a few meters. This Cornet picture shows the best representation of how I felt about this travelling. Bleh!

For comparison, here is a similar snapshot of the RF levels in rural Republic, I pressed Hold just after passing the center of town.
Click to enlarge
The far left side of the graph, 16 seconds ago, was about when I passed the tower by the library. Notice the levels are not solid on the graph, reflecting the lesser number of transmitters. On other meters that show Average readings, this would be a lower number than the peak/max number, and can also be described as less traffic density. The height on the graph is an indicator of how close the transmitters are, as well as how much energy (Watts) are being pumped out. The difference between urban and rural town are well shown here.
<sarcasm>The city planners must be proud the RF levels here are almost as high as bigger cities.</sarcasm>
At least the radius of the bubble is still nothing like the metro areas.

Unfortunately I had to travel to Spokane again to take dad to the hospital.
Using the Cornet and whip antenna, today's peak was 11 mW/m², so last week's huge spike was a one time sighting.
I stopped briefly at the Walmart parking lot in Airway Heights:
Click to enlarge
The readings for both the whip antenna and the HyperLog antenna were very similar. I regularly saw 3 mW/m² on the whip antenna, unless I held the antenna in a shadowed location, or aimed the HyperLog away from the direction of known radar sites (NOAA weather and Spokane Airport radar), about 1 mile away.
This photo shows a peak at -22.8 dBm. (3 mW/m²) I pressed Hold several times, so the spacing between the radar spikes is not showing 11 seconds. The steady background level is the same as last week. No surprise.

I pre-planned where to wait out the time for dad's tests, and picked the most rural part of Airway Heights (NW Spokane) I could find on the antenna map (short of going all the way around, north into the Spokane River gorge).
Here, the nearest cell-tower is 3 or 4 miles, and the radar is 4½ or 5½ miles distant. Range land here is being carved up and sold as 10 acre lots, and a new house is being built nearby. It looks like a quiet neighborhood with only a dozen houses in view across the Deep Creek gorge. Looks like a good place for testing.
Click to enlarge
With the whip antenna attached, I got readings above the threshold of -55 dBm. I forgot to take notes, so the peak on whip antenna is forgotten.
Here I have the HyperLog antenna attached, to determine direction of the individual noise sources, and I stopped when I found the source of the loudest spikes. Check the compass by looking at the sun angle, and yes it is coming from a radar sweeping a circle every 11 seconds, probably at KGEG Spokane Airport. Bleh! I say again. Not far enough away for me.
I recorded the sounds from the Acoustimeter: 40 seconds 317Kb [mp3] Various noise sources besides the radar can be clearly heard.

With the Acoustimeter mounted on top of the dashboard, I found I could also hear that radar all the way west to Creston, 50 miles away, where the measured spike was up to 0.33 V/m or 0.290 mw/m². Depending on the elevation of the highway, the signal strength was obviously highest at the higher points of the hills. Closer to Spokane, at Reardon, 12 miles from KGEG airport, the spike crossed the 1.0 V/m line, or 2.653 mW/m². That gives you an idea of the range of radar, and the usefullness of these 2 meters. So yes, you will notice the above picture was not as strong, as I was not on a hilltop in line-of-sight.

Click to enlarge
From the Texaco station on Hwy 2, this picture shows the effect of having numerous towers all around: One to the west at 0.6 miles, two to the north at 2.5 and 3 miles, one to the east at 0.5 miles, and more at one mile intervals continuing east on through Airway Heights to Spokane. Steady red in nearly every direction. The appearance of empty fields is an illusion. It is not peaceful here. Yeow! This place is nuts! It took me 3 days to recover from this (unavoidable) trip.
Here is the recording from the Acoustimeter: 32 seconds 247Kb [mp3]

On 2011.Mar.04 when north of Wilbur, I recorded a new sound I do not recognize, that sounds like a starling. 3 seconds 45Kb [mp3] It repeats every 10 seconds like a radar, but is not coming from Spokane, nor does it sound like the familiar bzzzt from the Spokane radar. The strongest measurement was 0.50 V/m. I did not hear this sound again for over a year, until 2012.Jun around Wauconda. I believe it was airborne, or non-stationary like a satelite. Both the source and intensity changed over the hour I observed it.

New product review. Canary Wireless Hotspotter HS-20.

In the left picture, a WiFI router is near the window of neighbor #1's house in the upper left. The distance is 1150 ft. (350m)
In the right picture, (farther up the hill) the house in the upper right is at a distance of 2360 ft. (720m)
The Canary Hotspotter is excellent for identifying WiFi in the 2.4 GHz band. Very quiet, and Ultra sensitive. As mentioned earlier, the Acoustimeter was capable of detecting the WiFi beacon coming from neighbor #1 at 1150 ft., but from the hilltop on the right, the Acoustimeter can not pick up WiFi at this incredible distance.

With the increasing proliferation of WiFi enabled devices, (satellite dish routers and smart meters) the need to identify what is in your neighborhood is becoming a critical issue, even in rural places.
Over two years ago, there was only one neighbor with WiFi. Now (2011) within a 3/4 mile radius, there are six. Depending on placement of the antennas, and the type of material the walls are made of, I can receive 4 bars, 1 bar, 4 bars, 4 bars, 2 bars, and 4 bars of signal from the road. One house has metal siding. This makes the inside literally a microwave oven. Is this safe? Read the links on the next page and prove it to yourself.
By the end of 2012, every house with a satelite internet dish also has WiFi turned on by default.

If I walk down to the fenceline with neighbor #1 along the (now abandoned) training corral, at 140 ft. (43m), the Canary shows 3 bars of signal strength. In the same place, the Cornet shows -54.8 dBm (0.001 mW/m²). This proves the EMF travels farther than the industry wants us to believe (certainly in a clear line of sight).
However now that everybody has been convinced by the industry (making the money at our expense), that wireless is safe, they are boldly increasing signal strength and expanding the coverage radius, as a positive selling point! Bleh!

Updates and personal testimonial

Also during 2010, my mother's symptoms of pain and insomnia increased, as her sensitivity also increased. What was this family exposed to? Since genetics can be altered by the environment, we seem to have all been affected something in common to the  4  now 3 of us here...
On the morning of 2011.Mar.27, mother did not wake up. She died during the night, and the coroner decided it was a heart attack, but we here know her symptoms exceeded that simple official cause. Rest in peace.

My own health continued to worsen... but on 2011.Aug.02 the feeling outside changed, it no longer hurt. The next morning I impressed neighbor #1 when I went over to thank him for turning off his WiFi. I can now go outside in our own yard again. The connection between exposure and symptoms is undeniable.

2011.Oct.05 This week, on one morning, finally for the first time in several years, I was able to say I woke up without any head pain. The tumor-like ear infection has subsided as well, although my right ear continues to be plugged half of the time. Since that morning, my headache levels continue to be low, having returned to pre-2009 levels and patterns (going up when in areas with cellular reception). What has not recovered, is my brain fog, and memory. I am still tired, and making mistakes everywhere I go.

2011.Nov.06 Too good to last. My tinitus which was receeding, has now jumped back up, and also spread some to the other ear. Also my right ear is back to being blocked. How frustrating. I've been checking around this week, but no Wi-Fi signals can be detected at home. However, there is now something else that makes a buzzing and pulsating sound on the Acoustimeter. Sounds similar to a DECT phone, but with a pause in the data or beacon packets about once per second. Audio recording: 4 seconds 35Kb [mp3]. While it is annoying, it does not rise to the pain level as before.

2011.Nov.26 Went outside today and got a sharp headache. Checked the fenceline with neighbor #1, verified WiFi beacon is back on. Audio recording: 5 seconds 40Kb [mp3] on the Acoustimeter at a distance of 140 ft. (43m)

2011.Nov.27 Did not sleep well last night, with the WiFi on all night, and then noticed the WiFi was turned off before noon. The only good thing about these incidents, is how it makes the difference stand out, like night and day. If I can stay inside, it is more like a cloudy day, where the signal strength is low enough to be annoying but difficult to feel when it is turned on or off. But go outside where the meters can pick it up, and I can feel the status myself without needing to check a meter to know when it is on.

2011.Nov.28 Back on again, although somewhat different. Probably trying to find a frequency that does not bother me. Nice effort, but misguided.

2011.Nov.30 More bad news. The last neighbor without active electrosmog emissions (to the west, designated #2 by distance), has installed and activated a WiFi router with their new satellite dish.

2011.Dec.09 Yet more bad news. Another WiFi has appeared closer to my mailbox, so that now the daily trek to the main road takes me past 5 WiFi beacons. It is just too much, and too painful. With the high level of exercise required to trek the 1 mile distance, and climb 150 ft. of elevation, when my blood pressure climbs normally, it just puts too much pressure on my head, as the headache becomes a migraine. Also for the first time in several years, I am not riding to the mailbox because my back is not only out, but defies efforts by the chiropractor to keep it in. Also with Cowgirl dead, I don't really have a stable equine partner to travel on the icy paths. I must move the mailbox so that I don't travel west by foot anymore.

2012.Jan.07 Woke up this morning with a sharp headache. My brother also has a headache (throbbing with dizziness) where there was none yesterday. When I check the fenceline with the southeast neighbor #1, sure enough, it is back on again after being off for 3 weeks. On the positive side, this allowed me to take new recordings with the new Cornet Spectrum Analysis meter.
Audio recordings on the Acoustimeter at a distance of 140 ft. (43m):
18 seconds 147Kb [mp3] Spread spectrum WiFi Beacon plus DECT buzz plus some data transmissions. Peak measured 0.05 V/m
38 seconds 309Kb [mp3] Moving along the fenceline slightly decreases the DECT buzz. This recording is the beacon plus some data transmissions and a mystery whine that could be a different data transmission.
9 seconds 76Kb [mp3] Different location along the fenceline, increases the DECT buzz.
Cheers! the WiFi is back off around 4pm.

2012.Apr.04 Noticed and measured some positive changes from neighbor #2, didn't last.

2012.Jun.17 I briefly mentioned my back a few paragraphs above, but the inflammation this year has gotten progressively worse, especially since November. (see a connection yet??) Also my knees and elbow joints are also becoming more painful (doctor says inflammed), and refusing to heal. I am riding less, and thus getting away from the neighbor's wifi and active satellite dish less. Things are not looking up.

2012.Jul.20-25 Finally a change worth writing about! We had a severe thunderstorm squall line move across the county, that snapped trees and power poles with 100 mph downdraft winds. [photo1] [photo 2] Power lines down Everywhere, in an 80 mile swath from Keller to Grand Forks, BC. Power was out for 5 days at my location, and is still off in parts of southern county 3 weeks later. The relevance to EHS is that for 2 whole days, all cellular towers were down, probably after their generators ran out of fuel. For 48 hours, I felt Normal. For the first time in, what now? 6 years, my bruised feeling like a concussion was Gone! I can now link that particular symptom to the cellular blanket of electrosmog, as when Franson Peak came back on, that feeling came back. This was 2 days before any other power lines were restored here. That restoration brought a different feeling. And it also took 1-2 days for neighbor #2 and #3 to get their WiFi back on. So I had 3 markedly unique symptoms go away, and come back with 2 days between each switch. Wow.

2013.Jul New developmemts here for 2013 are less related to EMR, and are therefore going to be told elsewhere on another page. However, the dog bite incident did lead to spending too much time in court, which has further impacted my health, and much reduced my ability, and riding time. I find it very disturbing and troubling that my dependance and reliance on electronic devices has grown over the last couple years, to a level that is also affecting me, despite the care taken to choose to use only devices with low emissions, and nothing with intentional wireless capability.
The higher stress caused by threatening and bullying tactics against me by some people, combined with the need for security, in this bad neighborhood has become an enemy in and of itself. The obvious solution to go low-tech again, does not seem as possible while I live here. Therefore the only way to recovery is to move once again. If I figure out Where, I'll be receptive to doing so again.

Dad suffered two strokes in 2013, and caring for him after he was released from the hospital became a 24/7 nursing care job for myself and my brother. The stress of the court cases, and of losing yet another horse, has left me completely burnt out.

By mid 2014, I started recording on my calendar increased pain levels, but it took me until September to get bad enough to realize the WiFi levels had increased. I attempted again to have a dialog with neighbor #1, and managed to get the WiFi turned off when not in use. In November a new WiFi router was turned on, replacing the previous one. This time I stopped complaining when it was left on, because it's placement was clearly on the opposite side of the house, and so was radiating less in my direction. Seeing I would not get any further progress, I chose to reward him by ceasing my nagging. The new placement was clearly better, that being a relative term.

Now in 2015, while I still call the situation with neighbor #1 "better" than it was last summer, on is still on, and my health continues to worsen. Since there are numerous other WiFi in the valley now, it is simply not possible to feel well outside. Only up in the isolated valleys of the National Forest will I find any relief now.

Seeking to reduce the exposure to the constant low-level WiFi and cordless phone from neighbor #1, I did build a metal fence along the fenceline this summer. It helps, and right in front of the metal wall on my side, the meters do show a shadow. But I can still pick up his WiFi beacon at my porch. After several measurements I have determined the microwaves are bouncing off the trees over the wall, more than just refracting over the wall. Bummer. It is better, but not great.

The beaver saga finally reached a critical level that closed my trail across the creek to my mailbox. The mailbox hereafter is back where it was originally.

Also this year, 3 monopole towers are being built in the Curlew Lake valley, in addition to last years 2 closer to, and around the town of Republic, for a population of what? 2000. The last (almost) remote corner of Washington is soon to be brought into the 21st century. I believe my cellular reception maps will soon be outdated and invalid. Bad news all around.

2015.Oct.24 My pain levels jumped up, and upon checking the yard for new wireless signals, the WiFi is back on. Not talking about the new DSL router, but the original WiFi router that has been off for over a year. And it is placed in the near-side window, so that the signal strength is at 4 bars now.
Now my pain levels no longer go below level 3, and are level 4 most days. Easily up to 5 if I go outside. 6 if I do anything outside. My tinitus levels are 8 or 9, almost loud enough to impinge on my normal hearing.
Nov.07 Feels different this morning. Yea! The loud WiFi coming from neighbor #1 is Off! Thank you. . . hoping it stays off.

Every Saturday morning I lay in bed at pain level 2. About 6:30 am without changing my location or shielding amount, the pain level pokes at me, jumps up, and stays above 3. Increased usage of wireless outside every weekend is as obvious to me as the sun rising above the horizon. Like a sunburn, which is also radiation of a different wavelength.
2015.Dec.28 Notice another new WiFi beacon, named Emerald Moose, from neighbor #4 across the valley.

2016, Feb.08. Pain levels jump up. I think the new 4G service on Franson peak is on. (I confirm this a couple months later by recording spectrum graphs.)
Mar.15. Pain levels are higher again. I am now measuring 1 to 2 bars of WiFi from neighbor #2 to the NorthWest. New router, louder and stronger signal strength. More bad news. Pain levels never go below 3 any more, not even at night. Jumps up to 4 every day upon getting up and moving around. Walking to the mailbox past 9 WiFi emissions, now brings heart arrhythmia, shortness of breath, and lots of extra pain, both in my head and my back, which has not healed after last year's accidents. I'm having trouble walking, and no longer enjoy going outside. My brother who is also being affected very much by the increased microwave levels, (memory, vision loss, clumsy, autism, inconsistent taste and ability to smell) is also continuing to worsen.
On the bright side, the two new towers around Curlew Lake are still not hosting cellular services. It looks like they are for NCI DataCom internet only, using 5GHz WiFi channels.

233 days after it first appeared, the stingray hotspot at neighbor #1 is off, yea!
Nope, back on again before he went to work. Boo!

My tinitus reaches level 10, loud enough to interfere with normal hearing. Over the last year my symptoms of muscle tension, joint pain, and constant strong headaches, have risen as the increase in microwave levels have gone up. I now get actual muscle cramps when around WiFi, that spike up when I go outside, and drop down when I leave town or go inside my safe(r) room.
New symptoms of cardovascular and circulatory trouble have appeared, just like pre-diabetes type 3, because clearly I have not listened to the headaches and removed myself from the exposures.
Today I get another muscle seizure, this time like getting punched in the jaw, my jaw muscle clamped suddenly. My teeth hurt from the impact.

Power outage lasts 6.7 hours. For the first day in over a year, it feels okay to go outside. Too bad my symptoms don't go away fast enough to get any useful work done outside.

My brother and I have worsened over the last month. Today I feel compelled to do a scan for new WiFi, and bingo! there is a new signal in the neighborhood. Cloaked AP on channel 1. Yeah, you think hiding your name will keep me from noticing? That is silly.

It is quieter inside. It is quieter outside. The power is on. What gives? I do a scan... The AT&T stingray Micro-Cell is off. Hooray! I don't know why it is off, but I like it. How long will this last?
12 or 13 hours. At least it stayed off overnight for sleeping hours. Note in log it is back on. At least I got one night of peaceful sleep, increasing and reinforcing the contrast between on and off.

Neighbor #1 actually engages in a conversation with me by email. Seems he just found my web page. Will it do any good?

This morning I felt motivated to check for new Wifi outside, and yep, a third one at neighbor #1. NETGEAR77
It's so noisy outside now that it is harder to feel the addition of any new ones, so it may have been on for a couple weeks...
My brother has been feeling worse, and the doctor said his level of memory disfunction is only explainable in western medicine by trauma to the brain. So can we blame the neighbor for that injury?
Better question, since I have made it clear to him and his wife that they are causing us harm, does this cross a threshold in the criminal code in causing intentional or pre-meditated harm and assault?
The law in Queensland, Australia does include "electrical force" in their criminal law code for assault. Too bad Washington state does not.
My tinitus has increased to a new level: 12. Breaking the 10-scale by interfering with normal hearing now. Pain levels reach 5 (constantly strong, intermittantly sharp) every day now.
Our desire to not live here anymore has only intensified, but economics and reality make moving nearly impossible. At the very least I can say with conviction, I no longer feel like this neighborhood is my home. I no longer feel any interest in keeping up with the local news.

This month I'm having more trouble getting any restful sleep, even in my shielded bed, and waking up at pain level 4. Going outside is much worse, quickly up to 5 and sometimes 6 (sharp constant pain). Today I was motivated to find the source, so I scanned for new cellular signals on my bi-monthly trip into town. I see At&t has added new 4G band 17 antennas to Union Ridge tower. Bummer.
Upon sharing this bad news with a nearby friend also suffering from EMFIS/EHS, she said both her and her husband for the last 3 weeks have been waking up during the night and experiencing more pain. Ding-ding-ding, we have coorelation and confirmation.

On my next trip into town, I pulled out the rtl-sdr and did a spectrum scan for changes. I can see new activity has been added since I last published graphs in 2016, right where 4G band 71 should be. More bummer. Looks like my coverage maps above are becoming dated.

I started experiencing muscle cramps on this day, primarily in my mid and lower back, eventually pulling my spine out of alignment. Happened right at my mailbox, which is where that neighbor added 2 new wifi (router beacons) recently, Dec.10, and yes I've been getting sharp headaches down here for the last few months, prompting me to take measurements and prove what has been added to the local environment. <sarcasm>Thank you Dan and Connie</sarcasm>, so now I'm no longer walking to the mailbox.

Also in the news, OneWeb has launched their first satellite broadband birds late 2019.Feb.27 for coverage in the Ku-band from a 750 mile orbital constellation. More microwave blanketing from space is not good.

My symptoms have increased when near people with cel phones. Headaches can be ignored somewhat, and are invisible to others around me, but muscle cramps pulling my back into a stooped and crooked position, is more visible.
If you see people limping around, with an angry face towards other people on their phone, who are clueless about EMR and the microwaves they are addicted to, this is why.

More interesting, now that the snow is melted, getting out to the non-service areas of the national forest, actually relieve my headaches (not new information), but do relieve my back pain also. This is new. It takes an hour to get the full effect, but if you see me walking around like a normal person away from EMF sources, it's not because I'm normal or faking it!!! When the symptom response is correctly correlated with the correct triggers, it becomes clear.
Further challenge response testing has drawn a line of symptom relief at 1500-2000 ft from the neighbors houses. So localized wifi and in-home cellular hot spots remain the primary concern, with hilltops being next up for high levels of cellular reception.

Chest pains increasing. Chronic fatigue increasing. Tinitus increasing, brain fog and poor memory increasing. Miserable when at home, because home is too close to the neighbors. Doing anything outside at home is no longer tolerable. Staying inside where the EMR levels are lower, is tolerable.
I've measured and confirmed the extra noise levels, moreso than earlier in the month, is coming from new antennas on Franson Peak. Looks like TMobile has discovered an underserved area and is installing service to compete with AT&T. Detestible things. The selfishness and injustice is so depressing.
Their deployment of 600 MHz spectrum will be a stepping stone to 5G. 5G sub-Gigahertz will soon reach here too.
I see fewer birds this year. Some species of bees are missing. All this ignorance and indifference is killing the biosphere too.

Had a seizure or muscle cramp in my back, right when FedEx delivered a package. It was not the first time, nor the last, as this coorelation between muscle spasms, cramps, and wireless exposure became a serious issue this year. From this incident, I started making videos of the meter readings, and have published the results here on Youtube.

The tower southwest of Republic, today I see a new sector holder on it, with 3 new antennas. Their length indicates cellular coverage here has just increased for the town of Republic. Since this location is down in a bowl, the hills will prevent this one from reaching my home.
But the 2 newer towers around Curlew Lake, have now added cellular antennas, as a new telecom provider has finally moved in, and this has significantly raised the RF levels up the Curlew valley.
I have published the new meter readings and cellular measurements here on Youtube.

Going outside feels extra painful today. Looking around I see neighbor #1 has a new Starlink dish. That transmits at 14GHz, above the range of all consumer meters. There are also 3 new WiFi access points, transmitting beacons continuously. That makes 6 wifi from one neighbor. Seriously?
All day my muscles feel like I've run a marathon, but am not able to rest.
Shoveling snow this morning is excruciating. Then I got muscle cramps or seizure.
I am tired, my muscles stayed stiff and tight all day, and I am Not ok with this.
Going outside results in quick change to how I feel. Muscles are tight and cramping. Staying inside is clearly better than going outside. Not as good as 2 weeks ago, but "better"
I am not sleeping as well, even inside where I have some shielding. I am really Not ok with this, and I can not express how unhappy I am with neighbors who ignore my requests and warnings, and instead shouts insults and gestures. What do you call someone who hurts others intentionally, knowingly, on purpose?
Another Starlink 0.90 Miles away. This is the new problem, if anyone with EHS moves to a remote rural location, there is a higher chance of neighbors getting Starlink, because all other internet methods are not functional choices.
I was attacked by a dog, knocked me down. That neighbor #5 the dog owner, was only 30 feet away, he claimed his dog is friendly. This impact knocked my back out, and my elbow and hip are sore for 2 to 3 weeks.
Something turned off? It is quieter after noon.
I confirm with measurements, that neighbor #1 has turned off his AT&T Hotspot. Yea! The Starlink and Wifi jackhammer? 5 are still there. I still feel very badly outside.
The noise levels have increased today along neighbor #1 fenceline from 2 to 70.2 µW/m². The new buzzing noise reaches all the way to the porch.
I have run out of patience with neighbor #1. Every time he sees me he makes rude and insulting gestures, verbal curses, and other childish behavior. I have no evidence remaining he can be trusted. I have video of him prowling on my side of the property line. That is called tresspassing, now including physically, rather than just electronically.
I put up signs asking for No Wifi, and what happens?
Today the wifi coming from neighbor #1 is now up to 9 beacons, of which 5 are strong enough to flood my building area with usable signal.
This is EVIL levels of intentional assault.
The long delayed project to repaint the house with Y-Shield has begun.
First coat on my bedroom wall. I immediately notice the difference, meaning, the same day.
First coat on the last wall. I immediately notice the difference. Lots of relief inside now. Not as quiet as last year perhaps, but much better.
The difference going outside is much more noticable, like going from the shade out into the harsh sunlight.
Neighbor #1 finally turned off "Frontier1760" and another, so now only 5 beacons on. I take down 3 signs as a reward. After 8 months of "You're getting colder" I can finally say "You're getting warmer."
Every time I work to enlarge the shield along the fenceline, my symptoms jump up, because I spent too much time outside my shielding, within line of sight of the Starlink and Wifi transmitters. On this day, new symptoms followed, weakness of my left leg. So now not only do I get very exhausted to the point I can't walk to the mailbox anymore, now my other muscles are taking a hit.
The shield definitely helps. It is just not a long term or perfect solution. I am little better than a prisioner in a locked box, either stay inside and feel ok, or go outside and get worse.
My guts stop moving again. When this first appeared 15 months ago, the hospital took scans and determined there was no tumor, no cancer, no twisted gut, nothing looked wrong. Take laxatives and go home. The doctor even told me I was full of s***. Was that an insult?
My situation worsens. The laxatives no longer have any effect. I can't eat. My muscles are weaker, and my parasympathetic nervous system is shutting down.
Surprisingly, I survived. Going several weeks unable to eat very much, was terrible enought I was sure I was close to dying, but I pulled through. I've also stayed inside as much as possible.
Another new Wifi coming from up the valley, something made by LG Innotek... Broadcasting as LREL6323S ... LG promotes: "With SmartThinQ technology, you can even control the range from your smartphone." Why, just why? Hope it has good password protection!
If we're keeping count, there are now 59 wifi beacons within 2/3 mile. I've learned that in cold and clear weather, those transmissions can be heard a long way.

Multiple episodes through the summer after being outside too long. Usually lasting 5 days at a time.
Freezer broke, so trip to Colville for a replacement. 64,200 µW/m² from the tower across from Walmart. That is sooo much louder then a few years ago.
I become informed of a crane working on the tower in Republic. Upgrades in progress.
My very next trip into town, for a chiropractor appointment, I can see the center tower has new antennas. The SSP2 meter is now peaking at 14,500 µW/m² on Clark Ave between 7th and 6th St. That is 6x stronger than before.
I took my meter into the doctor's office, since she is using new software that needs a wireless internet connection. 2,500 µW/m² inside the exam room, but 38,000 µW/m² in the waiting room. The doctor wanted to find where it is coming from, so I eventually stick the meter next to the wifi router/internet modem, and read 1,850,000 µW/m². Ouch. Double ouch. I'm leaving.
My next episode begins today, only 3 days after strong exposure. (Guts stop moving, lower intenstine is empty, upper intestine stops gurgling.)
The pain spreads to my jaw. The cracked tooth with the 2018 crown on it, begins hurting beyond my previous ability to manage it with essential oils. I begin taking ibuprofin daily. I finally get a couple days of relief with some gut movements.
Large snowfall. More time outside shoveling. I just had 2 days of gut movements, but starting today, it goes back to zero movement.
I'm now taking 3 ibuprofin each day, with diminishing results. We need to go into town to pick up food and frozen food orders. Exposure to new AT&T antennas again. I get ready for the emergency medical appointment tomorrow to have the abscessed tooth removed tomorrow, going without any ibuprofin, and so thereafter the pain level goes past 8 up to 9. That is the highest I've ever suffered.
I'm the passenger on a 3 hour trip to Spokane. First time I've been this way since 2016. I can't do a spectrum recording to compare, but I can record and log the cellular activity. 22,700 µW/m² in Colville. 78,700 µW/m² in Spokane at Francis. 114,000 µW/m² at I-90 / Evergreen Rd. 160,000 µW/m² at I-90 / Barker Rd. I am in imense pain, my guts are clenched in a knot.
Two teeth extracted. One bleeds freely each time the gause is changed. It's a long trip home dealing with this.
Bleeding finally stops just before getting home. Then 3 hours later I take the large pill for pain relief the oral surgeon gave me, and the bleeding starts again. My research says ibuprofin is a blood thinner, or more accurately, it blocks clotting. Why would they prescribe this? Their nurse denied it is a blood thinner... Finally get it stopped by midnight and get some sleep.
After 2 days of taking the pharmaceutical opiod-acetaminophen prescription for pain, I get too dizzy from it, and since this drug is not getting me much relief, I abandon that drug. Once again, doesn't work for me.
Leg cramps. Muscles again. Pain level 7. Then my left ear starts hurting, near the extracted wisdom tooth.
Finally get a bowel movement after 8 days. Then back to zero movement. I finally start ibuprofin again, and get some relief. My upper jaw looks red, above the gum line. It starts hurting too. This quadrant did not have any surgury done on it. My left nostril above it is dry.
Neighbor #1 turns on a new toy. Or rather an older wifi router that has been off for a year. "Starlink-pro" is 2nd loudest of his 6 beacons blaring 24/7. More pain outside. I let him know I've noticed, indicating I am not happy with this.
Neighbor #1 plows snow into my driveway creating a berm. So retaliatory of him.
Still no bowel movement, my tummy is not emptying, and I can't eat.
Here we go again...

Finally recovering.

I recovered once 26 years ago, it took 6 years to do so, to rebuild the myelin sheaths of my nervous system. I don't think I can recover this time, with all the cell towers, satellites, and neighbors broadcasting WiFi 24/7. There is nowhere to hide anymore.

For the record, I have never smoked, never drink alcohol, and have never used drugs. (pain killers like ibuprofin excluded) So the usual reasons for people to become failures, does not apply to me and my family.

We continue to endure here (translate that as Suffer for years under the Torture). It is sad some people don't believe warnings unless it affects them also.

Today, electrosensitives are the canary.    They are being ignored.

The ICNIRP guidlenes for cell tower radiation exposure are the worst in the world. Several health effects have been reported much below these ICNIRP guidelines.

The ICNIRP state that these guidelines are only for short term exposure and considers only thermal effects and does not take account non thermal effects which are more harmful and occurs much below thermal effects. According to calculations the ICNIRP guidleines implies that a human body can be safely kept in a microwave oven for 1166 secs = 19 minutes per day!!

In USA, max. SAR limit for cell phones is 1.6W/Kg which is for 6 minutes. It has a safety margin of 3 to 4, so a person should not use cell phone for more than 18 to 24 minutes per day. This information is not commonly given to users.

The amount of electromagnetic radiation we are exposure to, has increased 1 quintillion times over background levels. (1 followed by 18 zeros)

To measure the earth's schuman resonance now, scientists must go to the open ocean to "hear" it.

Have you read the fine print in your phone's manual? It says to keep away from skin at least 1 inch.

Do you know the mobile industry has written their License Agreements to have NO LIABILITY for health claims.

Scientists have authored 28,000 papers, of which 14,000 are peer reviewed, published in scientific journals, over several decades now, showing clear cases of harm. Yet in the media we only hear, There is no solid evidence for harm , there is no convincing evidence, or there is no valid evidence for harm... but be sure, there IS evidence.

Do you see a problem yet?

Educate yourself. Learn for yourself. Read or watch presentations at Part 4.

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