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Electro Magnetic Field Intolerance Syndrome (more medically accurate than Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity)
is a Serious issue that should concern us all, and has affected me personally.

This is not all bad news, for without knowledge, how can a choice be made?

You can CHOOSE to reduce your exposure, and others around you.
How much is safe? EMF Safety Standards

Accumulated news and studies:

Sorted by date, newest on top, I've reviewed and recommended.

Scientific American warns 5G is unsafe - 2019.Nov.19
Excellent coverage and review of the facts, studies, links to support the research.
New recommended video, 8 minutes: Included in the above article, Direct link to watch the interview with Dr. Martin Pall, Full Measure 5G Whiz - 2019.Sep.15
Only scratches the surface of the science, but still a good introduction.

Dr. Beverly Rubik presentation: The Perils of 5G Wireless [2 hours in 2022] or [43 min. 2023] - A very solid presentation of research and science behind the non-thermal effects of wireless, drawing upon multiple scientists and doctors, gives a moderate level of technical analysis and explanation without being too technical or dense.
Timing from original video: 3ildyJNByXI on 2019.Nov.18 no longer on youtube, times differ some.
0:08:06 History lesson: SMOKING was once Glamorous and RECOMMENDED BY DOCTORS.
Wireless is the "Tobacco" of the Digital Age.
0:23:58 Why is 5G Different?
0:41:30 Beyond tissue heating, Wireless Together with Chemical Toxins Can Damage the Brain
0:11:48 5G Frequency Bands allocated for the U.S.
0:50:30 Health effects of Wireless due to non-thermal effects
0:55:12 The Non-Thermal Effects of Wireless Radiation Are Well Documented: Thousands of studies at
Bioinitiative Report: 1,800 references
EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016 for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses plus 308 more references
Glaser Report, US Naval Medical Research Institute, 1971
0:56:09 One possible mechanism by which microwaves damage our bodies
0:57:01 Electrosensitivity
0:59:20 Alarming Decline in Millennials' Health - Blue Cross/Blue Shield Report, 2019
• 1st generation to grow up using wireless
• Sharp decline in health starting at age 27
• Increase in health conditions, 2014 to 2017: depression, 31%; hyperactivity, 29%; type 2 diabetes, 22%; hypertension, 16%
• Ages 34 - 36 had 21% more cardiovascular conditions & 15% more endocrine conditions in 2017 than in 2014
• Life-long wireless irradiation may be the major factor.
1:01:21 Rubik's Pilot Study on 4G Health Effects
Is the blood affected by short-term exposure to a smart phone?
Dark field microscopy (microscope photography) evidence of blood cells damage.
Published at Wise Transitions in Food, Farming, and the Healing Arts, Vol 15(4), pp 19-28.
1:07:29 Unnatural frequencies aggravate our bio-electric field
1:10:34 Environmental Effects
• Injurious to plants, stress-related biochemicals in tomato plants.
• Collapse in insect population and especially pollinators.
• Growth stimulation of microbes; rise in antibiotic resistance.
1:12:27 Growing Health and Environmental Concerns Regarding 5G Deployment
1:23:12 Intent to make a 5G meter that does not cost tens of thousand dollars.
1:23:42 Reduce your Exposure to Wireless Radiation: Prudent Avoidance

A Dark Consensus About Screens and Kids Begins to Emerge in Silicon Valley - 2018.Oct.28
Once you look at "screens" in the context of which ones are active transmitters, the pattern becomes clear why "the devil lives in our phones."

A professor of toxicology explains how EMFs cause biological damage and even cancer - 2018.Jun.03
EMFs substantially increase oxidative stress. ATP release into our system is supressed, disrupting the energy chain of cellular activity. More supporting agreement with what Arthur Firstenberg describes better below.

What is digital dementia? - 2018.Mar.28 sadly not saved at the Wayback Archive.
Overuse of Technology Can Lead to 'Digital Dementia' - 2013.Nov.12
Decline in cognitive function due to excessive use of digital devices.
A better question: Why does it appear to be contagious?

RF EMF Exposure Contributing to Violence & School Shootings - 2018.May.22
EMF exposure changes frequencies in the brain and body.
"You can NOT put people inside a man made microwave oven. You can NOT put people inside electromagnetic fields. You are inducing currents into them, you are effectively shocking them, tasing them."

"The exposure code, used around the world, FCC, IEEE, says Unintentional stimulation of tissue is to be avoided. Experimental studies show it can lead to nerve and muscle depolarization. And that is just triggering nerves and muscles. You heard what Dr. Goldberg said, elaborating on that: 'When you trigger those nerves and muscles in that depolarization process, you're affecting neuropeptides. Your nervous, hormone, and immune systems are compromised at the same time.'"

"You can NOT induce currents into people."
The exposure codes admitted they did not understand the mechanism for harm, therefore restricting the codes to protect only against physical heating. Now that the mechanisms are in the light, the exposure codes must be updated. They have Not.

"What is putting somebody in a microwave oven, worth in a lawsuit? What is a baby going in a microwave oven worth in a lawsuit? Having their nervous, hormone, immune systems screwed up, the frequencies changed in their bodies, the voltages change, the literal torture. What is that worth in a lawsuit? " -- Professor Curtis Bennett

EMFs and RFRs Finally Taken To Court, in Canada That Is - 2018.May.05
The tide is turning, finally. Just like the tobacco industry knew their product was harmful, and actively covered it up, the telecom industry is allegedly guilty of the same thing. Actively supressing the evidence for decades now. That creates clear liability.

Your smartphone is making you stupid, antisocial, and unhealthy. So why can't you put it down?!? - 2018.Jan.18
What a powerful article about the change in Society!

Must read or watch Recommendations

The newest important book for 2017: The INVISIBLE RAINBOW by Arthur Firstenberg
ISBN# 978-0-692-68301-9
A History of Electricity and Life
Go back in time to 1746, when electricity was first harnessed and developed. None of the modern diseases of civilization existed; Heart arrhythmia, cholestrol buildup, chronic fatigue, diabetes, chemical sensitivity, insomnia, autism, memory loss, nurological and DNA damage, and debilitating pain.
When these did occur, they were very rare and limited to the very old.
The people who were sensitive had the advantage of those who were not.
Step forward with each monumental development, and research the medical records and investigations by the scientists of the time. Each and every build-out of electrical distribution and power generation, each and every deployment of radio, radar, microwaves, was accompanied by a sudden onset of diseases and sickness. Some resulted in deaths that were alarming, but most faded into memory as normal.
This book draws together all the research from the archives (and it is this trail of evidence that makes this book stand out), and draws the big picture, bringing together all the issues and problems on this page into a single jigsaw puzzle. This explains everything that is essential for good health, why the body is affected, the mechanisms involved, and how the bodies of man, animal, and plants breath and live, or don't live.
"It has emerged that electromagnetic fields interfere with electron transport, and slow down metabolism in our mitochondria. The mitochondria are the powerhouses of our cells. This has tremendous implications. If you can't digest your sugars efficiently, sugar backs up and accumulates in your blood, and it gets excreted in your urine, and you have diabetes. If you can't digest fats efficiently, fats backup in your blood and get deposited in your arteries and cause heart disease.
It is well known that cancer cells grow and thrive in the absence of oxygen, so to the degree that we are deprived of oxygen by an impairment of electron transport, that either causes or encourages cancers to grow.
And it was Dr. Samuel Milham, who was at the Department of Health at the University of Washington until he retired, who paved the way for those chapters in my book. I drew off of his work, where he first proved epidemiologically, that the electrification; rural, rural electrification in the United States, had the effect in the 1930's of quintupling rates of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. And I have extended the epidemiology back until the beginning of the modern epidemics, which in each case, occurred in about the 1850's. What was so special about the 1850's? That was when ten of thousands of miles of telegraph wires first encircled the earth.
Actually this first telegraph systems were probably more impactful in some ways than the modern electrical grid, because they were one wire systems, there was no return wire to the power plant. They used the earth as the return path for the current, so everybody that lived in the return path, got heavily exposed, just from the early telegraph systems.

I aim for this book to be the silent spring for EMFs. We have to put this issue on the map, and we have to get the policy makers to become aware that, Yes after 271 years, electricity is an environmental factor, and it has to be taken into account as is the environment, biology, and health has to be taken account with every advance in technology, and if they're not, we're going to kill ourselves.
This expansion of wireless technology, SpaceX's Internet-from-satellite, and 5G (a cell tower on every block, in the public right-of-way, exempt from zoning laws), is a more immediate threat to life on earth, than climate change. Climate change is speeding up, but we have about 3 years to prevent this rain from space.
" - Arthur Firstenburg in an interview 2017.Sep.21 on Progressive Radio Network
This provides a light-bulb moment of clarity as it all comes together in a clear picture.
This whole thing on mitochondria disfunction is one of the hottest topics in function medicine right now. There is an epidemic of disfunction, which people are trying to find the reasons and solutions... while ignoring the electrical angle.
Your body can not perform key functions, nor do you have energy to function, you feel exhausted, you can't think, you don't have vitality.
On 2018.Apr.06 Arthur was interviewed on WGDR. Click to play 1 hour MP3 as either an alternative to reading the book, or as a teaser to hear the highlights.

People are NOT Sensitive to Their Electromagnetic Radiation From Wireless - 2017.Dec.15
Sensitivity is a description of the symptoms, not a scientific fact. The true mechanism is no longer a mystery.
Exposure codes admit electrical currents are induced into you and current kills. That means you are not sensitive, you are being electrocuted slowly or in a microwave oven on low.
What Curtis is effectively saying here, is that because touching the stove does burn your fingers (either quickly or slowly), you should not claim that your fingers are sensitive to heat. Instead, everybody is sensitive to heat and does get burned.
I get what Curtis is trying to say, but I have to disagree that some people are more sensitive than others.

Government HIDING Deadly Cell Phone Risk - 2017.Jun.30
Yet another Medical doctor speaking out, so what's new? Judge orders safety guidelines to be released. Records released to the public.

The Mere Presence of Your Smartphone Reduces Brain Power, Study Shows - 2017.Jun.26
Distracting, addiction. -- Ed. comment: At first read this study of 800 people is disappointing, because no measurements of microwave or EMR levels were taken. But on second thought, since measuring RF levels is currently taboo to their career, making this conclusion that cellular phones are a "brain drain" with well planned testing procedures, may be taken more seriously.

A New More Rigorous Study Confirms: The More You Use Facebook, the Worse You Feel - 2017.Apr.10
More proof smart phones are addicting, and health damaging, but again the researchers are missing the cause, failing to measure the difference between wireless exposure and non-wireless version of the same activity.

The documentary film for 2013-2014, has a very well written presentation, including the latest science and research surrounding the Electro Magnetic Radiation issue, now causing health and environmental harm, as the disasterous rollout of "smart"-meters for the Smart Grid, threatens to affect everyone with a grid-provided electricity source.
Click to play 1 hour 24 minute video on Youtube [] or link to the 1 hr 41 min. source at - TAKE BACK YOUR POWER
Although at first glance, this video seems to be only about smart meters, the top notch coverage of the health issues is very relevant to the increase of children with autism, and Electric-Hyper-Sensitivity, touching on the dangers of cell towers.
Josh del Sol's award winning documentary investigates so-called "smart" utility meters, uncovering shocking evidence of in-home privacy invasions, increased utility bills, health & environmental harm, fires and unprecedented hacking vulnerability... and lights the path toward solutions.
The early bird gets the worm. The rest get broken links... despite the author's instructions to share this film, the first high quality youtube link was taken down by copyright trolls who don't want this message to get out.
Searching online for the title usually works. Just watch for the length to get the real thing.

Looking for more viewing options, it can be purchased for online streaming for $4.95 at
For those who want to show support to the author, the dvd can be purchased either at the source, or on for half the retail price.
For those concerned about how EMF's affect blood, here is a 2 1/2 minute promotional clip from the film.
Click to play 2 1/2 minute video: [640x360 13.9Mb] or [HD 1280x720 39.2Mb] hosted on this website.
Live Blood Analysis - Observable Effects of RF-MW Radiation via Smart Meters
If you click nothing else, at least WATCH THIS VIDEO CLIP

Youtube video [ original link] [Source] 1 hr 28 min. - Documentary film - RESONANCE Beings of Frequency - 2012.Nov.27
Over the last 25 years, a number of species which rely on the earth's magnetic fields to navigate, have mysteriously gone into decline
Excerpts from film
109 species of Arctic migratory birds have declined dramatically in numbers
5 species of butterfly have become extinct in Britain
36 species of Australian shore birds have decreased in numbers by 75%
45% of all Europe's common birds have declined in numbers
50% decline in all European grassland butterflies
62% of Asia's migratory water birds declining or extinct
80% of all Australian wading birds declined in numbers
Farmland birds falling by as much as 79%
Around 70% of the world's food crops are pollinated by bee's.
Colony collapse disorder began in 2006, now resulting in the loss of bees worldwide.
Bee numbers have dropped by up to 75%
4 species of American bee decreased in numbers by up to 98%
"Measuring in or around a city has become absolutely impossible. Electromagnetic pollution from cell phones has forced us to make our measurements at sea." - Dr Wolfgang Ludwig, Physicist

A Must read book: DISCONNECT by Devra Davis
ISBN# 978-0-525-95194-0
The TRUTH About Cell Phone RADIATION, What the INDUSTRY Has Done to Hide It, and How to PROTECT Your Family
"Everyone knows cell phones are safe. If they weren't you'd already know about it."
That is perhaps the greatest disconnect of our age. This book by Devra Davis, one of the world's foremost experts on environmental health dangers, is the much-anticipated explosive exposé of how cell phone radiation damages the human body's cells. Cell phones are not safe.
In Disconnect, Davis presents a range of recent and long-suppressed research demonstrating the national emergency we now face. The most popular gadget ever has been shown to damage DNA, break down the brain's defenses, and reduce sperm count, while increasing memory loss, the risk of cancer, and neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's, and possibly even autism. The growing brains of children make them especially vulnerable. And around half of the more than 4 billion cell phone users are under age twenty.

Most of the world's responsible agencies say they are waiting for solid research to take a position on microwaves and wireless. This book shows Why this may never happen. Why they rely on research that says it is safe, and Why this research says it is safe. The body counts will come first.

Accumulated news and studies continues

Environment Health Trush 2017 Expert forum: Wireless Radiation and Human Health
The complete list of presentations by 31 researchers, in video and papers, made at the Hebrew University Medical School, 2017.Jan.23-26
Here is one stop for everything EMF related, and is up to date.
Details worth noting:
After 836 hours or 10 years of "average" cell phone use, the risk of gliomas and Meningiomas is 2.8 times higher, and risk of brain cancer reaches a significant tipping point.

Excerpts From Lectures 2017.January

Trailer for GENERATION ZAPPED [] - Expecting the film to be released in a few months. Presenting the evidence, and solutions by a parent of 3, for all our children. - 2016.Oct.06

PUB-MED peer reviewed study at the US National Library of Medicine - Microwave frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produce widespread neuropsychiatric effects including depression. - 2016.Sep

Cell Phone Radiation Study Confirms Cancer Risk - The National Toxicology Program under the National Institutes of Health has completed the largest-ever animal study on cell phone radiation and cancer. The results confirm that cell phone radiation exposure levels within the currently allowable safety limits are the "likely cause" of brain and heart cancers in these animals, according to Dr. John Bucher, Associate Director of the NTP. - 2016.May.31

Cell Phone Radiation Boosts Cancer Rates in Animals, $25 Million NTP Study Finds Brain Tumors - - 2016.May.25
How do you get the official level of U.S. Government to do a study on wireless radiation effects? Do it expecting another negative result! Surprise! Should have tested mice again, since they seem to be more resiliant. This time they tested rats too. Can't ignore the tumors this time with egg on your face.
After Arthur read the actual study, and did an actual analysis [PDF], the findings are much clearer now:
360 male rats exposed to GSM cellular for 2 years
more than 821 tumors
more than 334 malignancies
278 animals with tumors (77% incidence rate)
360 female rats exposed to GSM cellular
more than 1139 tumors
more than 401 malignancies
344 animals with tumors (96% incidence rate)
And yet the study concluded the overall exposure to cellular was no worse then the control group...
because the control group was also exposed to dirty electricity, were allowed to be exposed to "safe" levels of EMR, as the measuring equipment was only capable of measuring down to 2 V/m, and were exposed to GMO.
They were all sick.
Part 2 of the analysis [PDF]

The Frightening Science and Politics of Cell Phone Safety. Electromagnetic Waves and the Health Impacts of Wireless Devices - 2016.Jan.22
CDC issues guidelines recommending "caution in cellphone use." because the weight of evidence. Then due to industry pressure, a few weeks later, rescindes the advisory completely. Feel better now?

The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation [] - This is well worth watching - lots of well-presented up-to-date information. On 30th November 2015, the Dean's Lecture at the University of Melbourne was given by Professor Devra Davis based around the question "What are the health effects of mobile phones and wireless radiation?". Epidemiologist and electromagnetic radiation health-effects expert, Dr Davis, outlines the evolution of the mobile phone and smartphone and provides a background to the current 19 year old radiation safety standards (SAR), policy developments and international legislation. New global studies on the health consequences of mobile/wireless radiation are presented, including those regarding children's exposure and risks.

Professor Dariusz Leszczynski at Melbourne University - 2015.Dec.11
Mobile Phone Radiation and Blood-Brain Barrier Effects on Human Endothelium.
For those who want more scientific detail, Professor Leszczynski's talk presents some important and challenging insights into possible mechanisms of interaction.
A [PDF] of Dariusz's slides can now be downloaded.

Reliable disease biomarkers identify electrohypersensitivity and multiple chemical sensitivity ... finally proving that it is a real biological-physiological response of the body and not a psychological-Nocebo effect. The study reports abnormal parameters that are found in EHS and MCS persons and that can be tested using every day medical tests. This study is a big step forwards. 2015.Dec

EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2015 for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses. A summary of current challenges faced by medical authorities. - 2015.Dec.01

French woman with "gadget allergy" wins disability grant - A win for EHS sufferers. - 2015.Aug.27

Oxidative mechanisms of biological activity of low-intensity radio frequency radiation - 2015.Jul.07
93 of 100 peer-reviewed studies confirm that radio frequency radiation induces oxidative effects in biological systems, at levels below the thermal safety limit.

The EU goes Pro-Active on electromagnetic hypersensitivity - 2015.Jan.06
The EESC issued a draft document on EHS. Two international bodies have drawn up guidelines on exposure limits for workers and the general public (ICNIRO and IEZZ). Following on from these recommendations, international organizations like the Council of Europe and the World Health Organization (WHO) have established electrical sensitivity as a "health condition that can prevent people from exercising an occupational activity".
Click the link to read the full article. Wake up! EHS is going to be treated like asbestos in the near future.

Science is always based on evidence - Dr. Martin Pall - 2014.Dec.15

Is Modern Technology Killing Us? - 2014.Sep.19
The problem with technology is that most innovations have unintended consequences, and those unintended consequences are piling up, causing harm and creating dangers of existential magnitude.
Technology has thus far largely shielded us from the real-life consequences of our hedonism, but ecosystem failures are starting to catch up with us faster than technology can respond.
This delusion that we are separate from nature is the perilous essence of the techno-topian myth.
We're all subjects of the biggest radiation exposure experiment in history.

Toxic Chemicals Linked to 'Global, Silent Pandemic' Striking Children Worldwide - The presumption that new chemicals and technologies are safe until proven otherwise is a fundamental problem. - 2014.Feb.17

Korean doctors: Smartphones really ARE doing your head in - Warning from the future as gadget-mad Koreans get early onset dementia. - 2013.Jun.27

Danish Students Attract International Attention with Cress and Wifi Experiment - 2013.May.16
Excellent test. Expose sprouts to wifi and get? Evidence. Also some in the comments repeated the experiment, and got the same disturbing results. Saying "It can't be possible" does not help. Real science is based on experiments, not delusions and mis-information by those who gain from the lie.

Dr R M Powell: Biological Effects from RF Radiation - Implications for Smart Meters - 2013.Aug

Turkish Cell Phone Study Confirms Brain Impacts - 2012

The remarkable story of Dafna Tachover - Interview leads to a breakthrough for EHS in Israel - 2012.Jun.22
     References: Dafna Tachover & EHS - Published in an Israeli paper Yediot Ahcharonot - 2012.Jun.17
Israeli Case Update - 2014.Sep.04

Prof. Olle Johansson on WiFi radiation Prof. Olle Johansson, neuroscientist at Sweden's Karolinska Institute (famed for awarding Nobel prizes in physiology and medicine) warns that wireless exposures to our offspring today could mean "irreversible sterility within five generations" because of what he describes as a "full-scale experiment using our own kids." - 2013.May

Will the Smart Meters Revolt Rollback Wireless? - An Interview with "Thermoguy" Curtis Bennett - 2012.Apr
If Safety Code 6 ever catches up with the EU’s much stricter electrical standards and starts regulating electrical currents induced by wireless devices, Canada’s hugely profitable wireless industry – along with millions of wireless addicts and co-dependent tax collectors – could be left without their fix.
Smart meters operate on cell phone frequencies. And studies have confirmed that low power levels are extremely dangerous because they more closely mimic – and confuse – the human body’s intercellular communications. As a Jewish lawyer told Bennett: “The holocaust pales in comparison. This is getting them all.
We could be looking at entire nations of electromagnetically lobotomised zombies. And before that, an electro-hypersensitivity epidemic could unleash a firestorm of lawsuits against MDs alleging malpractice.

Dr. Klinghardt discusses Solutions and the Cause of autism spectrum disorders can be predicted. Click to watch video on Youtube [] 43 min. - 2012.Sep.27
Highlights and excerpts from film
The exposure to manmade EMF has become the first factor ever, that could be isolated, to predict if a child will have autism.
The levels of microwave power density were 20.7x (times) higher in mom's sleeping location in cases where children were neurologically impared.

High frequency radiation is devistating to health, alters genome.

CFL (compact florescent lightbulbs) are a completely unacceptable technology.
Gives both high frequency wavelengths, that are devistating to the brain, plus mercury vapor based, the frequency of mercury piggybacks on the light, and makes people toxic, mobilizes toxins in the body. CFL stirs up the toxics, which are then displaced into the brain, spinal cord, into the hormone producing glands.

Lab results show Inflammatory markers when people are tested: TGF-Beta 1, MMP-9, Copper level in serium goes up, Hormone abnormalization, Neurotransmitter abnormalization, Irregular heartbeat, High blood pressure, Nervous system abnormalizing.

80% of all health problems now are caused or contributed to by man-made electromagnetic radiation.

A body of more than 6,000 studies has been accumulated since the 1930's, producing an overwhelming conclusion that exposure to microwave and electromagnetic fields is significantly harmful to all health and life itself.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: two sides of the same coin? In several countries EHS, MCS and fibromyalgia are already classified as functional disabilities. Prof. Dominique Belpomme, Oncologist, Professor of the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Necker-Enfants Malades, Chairman of Research for Anti-Cancer Therapeutics (ARTAC), in his lecture "Diagnostic and Therapeutic Protocols for Electromagnetic Fields Intolerance", said at the congress, "These results are very important — for the first time we are able to define the Electromagnetic Fields Intolerance as a physical illness based on objective tests". - 2011.Sep.06

Timeline and Summary of MICROWAVES [pdf] - By Arthur Firstenberg - 2011

International Experts' Perspective on the Health Effects of ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMF) and ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR) - 2011.Jun.11

Non-Thermal Biological Effects have been studied and debated for decades, so why are the safety limits set so high, and not been changed? Here is a history lesson, showing how we got into this mess.

Youtube video [] - Microwave radiation dangers in your home. Good demonstration with meters. - 2010.Oct.19

Youtube video [] - Study shows, unequivocally, that microwave radiation from cordless DECT phone immediately affects the heart causing arrhythmia and tachycardia (irregular and rapid heart rate) at non-thermal levels well below federal guidelines. - 2010.Mar.23

Youtube video [] - Live blood cells become sticky and clump together (rouleaux formation) when I use a computer or a mobile phone. This type of analysis may be useful for diagnosing electro-hyper-sensitivity. - 2009.Aug

Youtube video [] - One symptom of electrohypersensitivity is altered sugar metabolism similar to diabetes. In addition to type 1 and type 2 diabetes, some diabetics may be electromagnetically sensitive as shown by changes in their blood sugar when exposed to electromagnetic triggers. - 2010.Mar.21

Youtube video [], channel - WiFi in schools proven dangerous. Canadian Documentary. - 2010.Oct.17

Youtube video [] - The Dark Side of 'Smart' Meters presentation by Rob States, M.S. - 2010.Nov.01

Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous to Your Health - New report in GQ magazine, the evidence is gathering. - 2010.Feb

Medical Hypotheses Journal Publishes Analysis Showing Chronic Diseases of Our Times Linked to Electrification, Not LifeStyle. 2009 Download Journal Article PDF

Archives from EMFields still available at
  Yet another study linking mobile phone use and brain tumours - 2011.Jun.21
Council of Europe wants lower levels of EMF and RF exposure in homes and schools - 2011.May.19
It suggests that ICNIRP levels should be changed; that indoor RF levels should be no higher than 0.6 volts per metre now, reducing to 0.2 volts per metre
Vatican Radio to pay compensation for causing child cancer - 2011.Mar.09
Watch blood cells clump together during a mobile phone call - 2011.Jan.06
Powerlines responsible for increased cancer risk - 2010.Oct.08
Mobile Phone use and the risk of Brain Tumours - Interphone revisited - 2010.Jun.15
Powerlines and childhood leukaemia - 2010.May.05
New study shows how mobile phone use can reduce fertility - 2010.Mar.31
Spanish children and their teachers made seriously ill by mobile phone mast - 2010.Feb.11
A link between exposure to EMFs and childhood brain tumours confirmed - 2009.Dec.15
France leads the way in reducing RF exposure - 2009.Dec.04
French believe the biological effects of exposure to RF radiation now beyond doubt - 2009.Nov.13
Austrian research shows DECT phones are the worst - 2009.Oct.26
Mobile phone masts more of a problem than phones - official - 2009.Aug.28
Living near to powerlines has once again been linked to an increased risk of getting cancer - 2009.Aug.21
Liechtenstein and Switzerland are to reduce exposure guidelines - 2009.Aug.07
Alarm bells about WiFi and DECT Phones - 2009.Jul.08
Community Presentation on EMFs and Health Monday 7th July - 2009.Jul.03
European Parliament votes 559 to 22 to adopt a report on the risks of EMFs - 2009.Jun.05
Electromagnetic Awareness Month - 2009.May.15
Breast cancer and night work - 2009.Mar.20
Exposing children to wireless in schools is 'criminal' - 2009.Mar.11
Powerfrequency susceptibility may be determined by our genes - 2008.Dec.17

ElectroSensitivity UK - Latest Newsletters

The Swedish Association for the Electrosensitive

Using wi-fi has cost me my life Sunday Express - 2007.Aug.05 Journal#53 - Dairy cows do not lie, Farm troubles - another "Must read" - 2005.Nov.18

The radiation poisoning of America - from the September 2007 Idaho Observer

Child's Genius Magazine - Swedish research revealed that radiation from mobile phones killed off brain cells, suggesting that today's teenagers could go senile in the prime of their lives.

A Must read book: The Invisible Disease, by Gunni Nordström
ISBN# 1-903816-71-8   Library CC# 616-9803
The Dangers of Environmental Illnesses caused by Electromagnetic Fields and Chemical Emissions
In 1962 Rachel Carson in Silent Spring opened the world's eyes to the dangers of products leaking dangerous chemicals into the food chain. Today we are facing a powerful new concern. It involves millions of people, particularly in the West, who are ill even though their doctors can't make a proper diagnosis. Environmental illnesses are known under a number of names, like Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME), Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Electro-Hypersensitivity, Sick Building Syndrome. These illnesses have variously been linked to VDUs, mobile phones and masts, electric lights, TVs, and chemicals used in the manufacture of modern appliances that we mistakenly consider safe.
They are not.
This is the first book to make the connections...

Dr.Johansson's new ElectroSensitivity paper: Electrohypersensitivity: State-of-the-Art of a Functional Impairment - 2006

Sweden recognizes EHS as a physical disability, and has laws requiring that the EHS disabled person be accommodated. - 2005.Mar.17

Removal of Calcium from Cell Membranes Weakens Membranes, Leading to Leakage
Explaining Symptoms of Electrosensitivity and Other Biological Effects from Weak Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation

Are mobile phones wiping out our bees? - Independent Online or Omega News
German research has long shown that bees' behaviour changes near power lines.
Another new study: Disrupting Nature - Independent Online

Two More Chipped Dogs Develop Fast-Growing, Lethal Tumors - 2010.Mar.25
Microchip Implants Cause Fast-Growing, Malignant Tumors in Lab Animals - 2007.Sep.09

Mercury is linked with chemical and electrical sensitivity.

Mad Cow (BSE) is actually another environmental disease

What is Dirty Electricity? and why should you care?
Electrical Pollution - News and Solutions
Electromagnetic pollution takes its toll on school, This story made headlines while cause was believed to be Mold.
Childhood leukaemia risk doubles within 100 meters of high voltage power lines
Microwave news

How Safe are Celphones? in depth study
"The safest modification you can make to your cell phone is with a hammer."

Microwaving food destroys enzymes, nutrients, and creates carcinogens

The Largest Biological Experiment Ever -- 2006.Jan.01

Autism Spectrum Disorder -- 2002.Jul.01

EMF Killing Fields

Health Effects associated with cell phone towers
Excerpt follows:

Neurological Interactions:

König (1974) and Wever (1974) prove that ELF EMR interacts with and interferes with human brains at extremely low field intensities.

Calcium Ion Homeostasis:

Blackman (1990) concludes that there is overwhelming evidence that EMR alters cellular calcium ion homeostasis, down to 0.08m W/cm2, Schwartz et al. (1990).

Chromosome Aberrations:

Fourteen studies show that RF/MW causes significant chromosome damage, four with dose response relationships and one recorded a dose related cell death rate; Heller and Teixeira-Pinto (1959), Tonascia and Tonascia (1996) [cited in Goldsmith (1997b)], Sagripanti and Swicord (1986), Garaj-Vrhovac et al. (1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1998), Maes et al. (1993), Timchenko and Ianchevskaia (1995), Balode (1996), Haider et al. (1994), Vijayalaxmi et al. (1997), Tice, Hook and McRee (1999).

DNA strand breakage:

Four independent laboratories observe significant DNA damage, including two for cell phone radiation, down to 1 m W/cm2, Phillips et al. (1998). Lai and Singh (1995, 1996, 1997), Sarkar, Ali and Behari (1994), Verschave et al. (1994), including a dose response relationship, Lai and Singh (1996).

Neoplastic Transformation of Cells:

Balcer-Kubiczek and Harrison (1991) observed a significant dose response in cells exposed to microwaves.

Oncogene Activity:

Two laboratories show that cell phone radiation significantly alters proto oncogene activity; Ivaschuk et al. (1997) and Goswami et al. (1999).

Melatonin Reduction:

Fourteen studies show that EMR across the spectrum from ELF to RF/MW reduces melatonin in people.

Wang (1989) who found that workers who were more highly exposed to RF/MW had a dose-response increase in serotonin, and hence indicates a reduction in melatonin. Abelin (1999) reported significant reductions from SW radio exposure, Burch et al. (1997) with a combination of 60 Hz fields and cell phone use and Arnetz et al. (1996) with VDTs.

ELF exposure reduced melatonin in Wilson et al. (1990), Graham et al. (1994), Wood et al. (1998), Karasek et al. (1998), and Burch et al. (1997, 1998, 1999a), Juutilainen et al. (2000) and Graham et al. (2000); Pfluger et al. (1996)[16.7 Hz] and geomagnetic activity, Burch et al. (1999b).

Immune system impairment by EMR

Impairment of the immune system is related to calcium ion efflux, Walleczek (1992) and to reduced melatonin, Reiter and Robinson (1995). Cossarizza et al. (1993) showed that ELF fields increased both the spontaneous and PHA and TPA- induced production of interleukin-1 and IL-6 in human peripheral blood. Rats exposed to microwaves showed a significant reduction in splenic activity of natural killer (NK) cells, Nakamura et al. (1997).

Quan et al. (1992) showed that microwave heating of human breast milk highly significantly suppressed the specific immune system factors for E.Coli bacteria compared with conventional heating. Dmoch and Moszczynski (1998) found that microwave exposed workers had decreased NK cells and a lower value of the T-helper/T-suppressor ratio was found. Moszczynski et al. (1999) observed increased IgG and IgA and decreased lymphocytes and T8 cells in TV signal exposed workers.

Chronic, 25 year, exposure to an extremely low intensity (<0.1m W/cm2) 156-162 MHz, 24.4 Hz pulse frequency, radar signal in Latvia produced significant alterations in the immune system factors of exposed villagers, Bruvere et al. (1998).

Biological Mechanism Conclusions:

EMR is shown to alter cellular calcium ions, significantly increase chromosome aberrations, DNA strand breakage, neoplastic transformation of cells, reduce melatonin, enhance oncogene activity and impair the immune system. This is a coherent, consistent and overwhelming set of evidence to show that EMR is genotoxic.

When coupled with the epidemiological evidence of cancer, there is compelling evidence that EMR is genotoxic, and hence is carcinogenic and teratogenic.

If you are looking for a video presentation about EHS, but don't want to wait over an hour into the video before they present solid evidence? I don't pussy foot around wasting time asking If or Maybe.
Now available on DVD
EMR aka Electrosmog -- Current Research and News Documentaries

A collection of 3 hours of hard hitting proof that Radio Frequency Electro Magnetic Radiation (wireless) is bad for your health.
Plus 20 minutes of my own video recordings showing me measuring my rural location, hilltops, and venturing into urban areas.

Vita Royal Products helping humans and horses with environmental and nutritional solutions.

For horses:
Another good book: Making Natural Hoof Care Work for You, by Pete Ramey
ISBN# 0-9658007-7-6
Pete Ramey is an experienced natural hoof care practitioner, and is one of the first professionals to change his former shoeing practice into natural hoof care.

Postures of Pain - How to tell if your horse's feet hurt

Why Shoeing is a Bad Idea

What a Healthy Hoof looks like

BarefootHorseCare at Yahoo Groups

Study done on the hoof patterns of wild horse's feet

Hoof Angles

Hoof Rehabilitation Specialist

Resources for the barefoot horse; case studies and examples of many different feet in the process of being trimmed.

Excerpts from the barefoothorsecare message board:
Message# 42534 - Leverage forces - Adam's graphic of the forces on toe
Message# 63798 - Where to begin vertical cut for toe flare - Walt's graphic for trimming flares

Question: Why are horses sore after getting shoes removed?
Answers: From barefoothorsecare yahoo group, message# 84198, 84210, 84213, 84216

The Bitless Bridle - what is wrong with a metal bit?

Blame alfalfa for sickness in Insulin Resistant horses
Alfalfa,like all legumes, naturally contains thyroid compromising elements, that could have been accommodated better in decades gone by than today. The thyroid takes the biggest hit from environmental chemicals than any other tissue or organ in the body. Nearly a century ago, legumes were named "goitrogens".
and Alsike Clover Toxicity in Horses and why the liver-damaged horse has a problem

Looking for hard radiation links? While I have been personally affected by Fukushima fallout, and have written about it in my other pages, I do understand the difference between electro-magnetic radiation and the high-energy particles from nuclear fallout, and I am very much aware of other issues including GMO poisons, deliberate chemtrail spraying, corexit poisoning of the Gulf, and cures for cancer, to name a few, but these are not the focus of my work on this site. I leave it to others to present the current state of the planet, crops, and oceans.

"We should be thankful to those with allergies, because they warn the rest of us of things that may be harmful" - Dr. Björn Gillberg, a famous Swedish environmental scientist.

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