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If you are looking for a video presentation about EHS, but don't want to wait over an hour into the video before they present solid evidence? I don't pussy foot around, wasting time asking If or Maybe.
The weight of evidence since the 1930's is conclusive.
Now available on DVD
EMR aka Electrosmog -- Current Research and News Documentaries

A collection of 3 hours of hard hitting proof that Radio Frequency Electro Magnetic Radiation (wireless) is bad for your health.
Plus 20 minutes of my own video recordings showing me measuring my rural location, hilltops, and venturing into urban areas.

I wanted to create a public service video that skips past the lead-in skepticism that microwave energy is safe, and only show the research and evidence, that we should be concerned about what we are doing to ourselves, the environment, and our children.
I have put together a collection of material, that while mostly available for free online, could benefit those who lack fast internet connections, or are just not interested in following links.

Also, as a benefit to others like me who also suffer EHS, and are short on finances, or can not access the online material, I am making this available at the cost of materials. These videos exist to spread the word, to provide education, and increase awareness.

What is included on one completely packed 4.7 GigaByte DVD+R is: 3 hours 10 minutes of the following:
Plus 20 minutes of my own content: Totaling 3 hours 30 minutes viewing time
NTSC Full Screen 4:3 format
No region code, can be played in NTSC DVD players worldwide
Rated Clean morals and language. Safe education for the whole family
Regular price $8.50 plus $1.50 shipping sent out within one business day by First-Class Mail.
Special price for EHS sufferers, only $2.00 total.

Sorry, No longer available.

This Volume 1 DVD is a supplement to my Living with EHS series of pages.

In the years since I made it, a couple really good documentary films have finally been published. See my Health Links page for how to watch those videos I recommend.
Or, for those who prefer a physical DVD over online viewing by YouTube, I now have available
Volume 2:
Totaling 4 hours 22 minutes viewing time
NTSC Full Screen 4:3 format
Same price as volume 1.
Both film's authors encourage the widespread distribution of this important message. No laws are violated in the reproduction and distribution of these videos.

If you experience any problems, please let me know. I have a 100% feedback score on ebay, so buy with confidence I will deliver.

Privacy guarantee: No addresses or personal information will be harvested or sold.

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