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Stewart Andreason's
SEA-horse Corral

SEA = my initials, Horse = my four legged friends, Corral = Round pen enclosure.
Me and my horses in this web page.

All about, and all around Lambert Creek:

Lambert Mtn and Copper Butteriding horse in woods in snowMidnight ridge and Copper Butteriding horse in National Forest
Okanogan Highlands
Photo album 2002-2013
  Lambert Creek area, Republic, WA, USA, North America
     horseback riding from Hwy 21 to the Kettle Crest

ebookMy Horse Stories Chapter 1
My true stories about my horses, focusing on the positive, horsey personalities, challenges, mishaps, and behavior treasures.
By chapter 5, the video evidence highlighted below for 2015 is told in full, providing the background and reasons behind what happened in video.

temperature chart sampleclimate tableMy Weather Charts for here on Lambert Creek
        temperatures for air and ground
        precipitation and snowfall
        climate data table
        19 year chart of snowtel depth on the Kettle Crest

sat plus modisPM 2.5 daily chartWildfire and smoke page

(Why I moved to Lambert Creek) The important topic that defines who I am:

symbol of fleeing person due to cel phone and harmful effects

Introduction to EMFIS / EHS - Is ElectroSensitivity Real or Just Imagined?
      How common is Electro Magnetic Field Intolerance Syndrome? (formerly known as Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity)
      Is EMFIS recognized by the medical profession and/or the authorities?
      Common initiators associated with the development of electrical hypersensitivity
      Reported symptoms of electrosensitivity
      Nikola Tesla was the first person who suffered from EMFIS.

Did you know; in 2011 the WHO (World Health Organization) classified radio frequency radiation as a class 2B carcinogen. Today there is mounting pressure to raise the rating to class 2A or even class 1, because of the evidence that scientists and medical doctors are putting forward.
Have you heard people say, "There is no research and no proof." Wrong! That message comes from the biggest lobbying group in the world who profit from selling telecommunications devices and disease. Do not be decieved or stay in honest ignorance of the facts. Seek out the research yourself, the page at this link has all the key evidence gathered to make it easy to Learn about.
LIBRARY Entrance - Resources - Research - Videos - Books
Health News and Links
for EMFIS / EHS aka Microwave sickness
The most current news and research links, and read about topics such as:

Why do EMFIS people get headaches and brain fog? Why are so many people, and kids, having memory problems? Excessive stress, (Burnout is a new epidemic among those in their twenties) and road rage.
Brain tumors take 10 years to develop, cancers can take up to 40 years, but these are happening now.
    Click to play 2 1/2 minute video, [640x360] clip from the documentary film.
Live Blood Analysis - Observable Effects of RF-MW Radiation via Smart Meters
Dr. Martin Pall, a professor emeritus of biochemistry and medical sciences with Washington State University said, "In the data there is no inconsistency whatsoever. None. People have been assured of safety based on these thermal based safety levels, and it is absolute nonsense, So we have a situation now where most people in the world are exposed to microwave frequency radiation based on scientific studies that have no scientific merit."
Doing science is not hard. Even 9th grade students in school can do a simple experiment to show how WiFi affects biology.

skull and crossbones in QR code
Every few weeks, another obituary is published in The Daily Californian, in Berkeley California at the University there, of college age students that died of heart attack or stroke or cancer.
The dramatic rise in heart arrhythmia occurred in the same years of electrical build-out and radio wave deployment. Coincidence? The evidence shows direct and complete coorelation of cause and effect. Source: Arthur Firstenberg

About me and solutions in protecting from EMFIS:

Part one - High tech to Low tech
        It started from a high tech career, abruptly changed by a health crisis, this is the true story of how going low-tech was the key to recovery and healing.

Living with EMFIS - part two:
        The path I took to learn about the cause.
        Current developments and Meter review
        How my health is deteriorating from the microwaves
        Why this mile of Lambert Creek is no longer a safe haven or refuge.
        2021 Starlink and more WiFi is causing me and my brother great harm beyond just migraines. I am now suffering from muscle tension, cramps, and seizures, extreme fatigue, and more brain fog, that only occur when I go outside.
youtube video episode 4This subject of wireless is seriously killing me, slowly. Here is my last and maybe final video showing the situation in my area, here on Youtube. I no longer feel well enough to finish any more of the videos I had planned.
Index About Me and EHS
and Awareness.
Real or imagined

About me, part 1
How it started

About me, part 2
Ongoing saga
Updates thru 2022
Searching for EM-Smog

Meter Evaluation

Conversion chart and entry table
Indoor Equipment Evaluation
part 3

Measuring cellular and smartphones part 8

Spectrum analysis graphs part 7
Professor horse sticks out tongue at unwanted technologyLIBRARY—
Health Links

part 4,
Book and video recommendations,
Top research picks.

Career ending health problems are bad enough, but then everything else goes wrong...

Trouble on the trail riding horseback

traffic encounters riding horse Encounters on Lambert Creek - Part 1 - 2009-2012
  The recording of scary video begins... for what becomes a 9 year battle.

Then in 2013:
perky horse and rideraggressive dog threatens horse on roadway
DOG ATTACK draws blood
  while riding horse
  Resulting court hearings   and the tragic loss of Rowan...  and summation of lost horses to date, leading to a deep depression and discouragement.
       Court transcript now added.    
Opposing attorney lied,
on the public record in court: "Roads are only for motor vehicles." and, "Where's the law saying no running over horses?"  

2014. New horse, hope rekindled.

2015. Still the Same neighborhood...
dog chasing horse on roadwayspeeding car skidding on corner
Lambert Creek Round 2

New Dog Attack. A second dog attack, Numerous speeders, idiots, and reckless skidding sideways from excessive speed, resulting in a spooked horse, accidents. Letter to our local newspaper The View and traffic analysis. Part 6 of the About me series concludes with a spinal injury and hope lost.

More around Lambert Creek:

horse looking at youpretty arab filly looking at youred roan horse
Barnyard photos

gmap sample with property survey overlay Lambert Creek Curlew Rim Ranches
   survey notes, maps, easement information for the development, real estate helper

A Study of the Accuracy of GPS for consumer grade equipment
        Made in 2014 - animation covering 10 hours - charts

house under construction Arrival and building progress 2002-2005

various hoof protectionWhy Shoeing is a Bad Idea

fedex truckFedEx failing to deliver. Where is my package? Where is your package?
On the ground miles from the correct address.

Older photo album, along the coast:

panorama of hills
Willapa Hills and trails

     1996-2000 getting back to nature in southwest Washington


runabout modelAircraft Hanger
  Models for Flightgear that I authored from 2005-2009
  and the developer of the accurate sky-diving model


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