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Travel Lambert Creek between Curlew Lake and the Kettle Crest
Okanogan Highlands - NE Washington state
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If you enjoy the photos on my scenery and horses pages, and wanted to see the movies from which they came,
Now available on DVD
Lambert Creek Horseback

explore trails from the saddle, plus Horse Play, Weather events, and more

Over the last ten years, I have logged 1580 hours in the saddle here, traveling the roads and trails
Monthly animation: 10 years in 39 seconds
with elevation and snow cover [MPEG4 1024x768 5.9Mb AVI]

or animation without elevation and snow cover:
[MPEG4 1024x768 5.0Mb AVI]

or [summary image JPG]
around Lambert Creek. As my horse became a trusty (Parelli) Level 3 partner, I was able to take videos from the saddle, with both hands on the camera.

Now you can experience the relaxing sights and natural sounds in the saddle.
This DVD covers all 4 seasons, from the heat of summer, to the frigid cold of winter, snow, ice, spring green, and autumn orange, but no summer smoke.
I include a varied mix of locations and seasons of selected trails, picking the best from the many miles possible.

What is included on one completely packed 4.7 GigaByte DVD+R is: 1 hour 19 minutes of unique footage from the rider's viewpoint in the saddle:

This is great for children as well as stressed out adults looking to unwind.
Totaling 1 hour 50 minutes viewing time
NTSC Full Screen 4:3 format
No region code, can be played in NTSC DVD players worldwide
Rated [G] for Clean Entertainment for the whole family
High quality (not pixelated)
Only $9.95 plus $1.50 shipping sent out within one business day by First-Class Mail.

Sorry, No longer available.

Happy customers said:

This is really great. I feel like I am there in the saddle. I can hear the sounds of the saddle and the horse. You should sell it online. - NancyV

I'm keeping this one. - JudyJ

I watched it over and over. You don't know how much it helps me relieve the stress, with the problems we're having. I can't ride, but would love to. Thank you. - KarenC

Also available from SEA-Horse-Corral
If you are looking for a video presentation about Electrical-Hyper-Sensitivity, but don't want to wait over an hour into the video before they present solid evidence? I don't pussy foot around wasting time asking If or Maybe.
Now available on DVD
EMR aka Electrosmog -- Current Research and News Documentaries

A collection of 3 hours of hard hitting proof that Radio Frequency Electro Magnetic Radiation (wireless) is bad for your health.
Plus 20 minutes of my own video recordings showing me measuring my rural location, hilltops, and venturing into urban areas.

Copyright notice: All photographs on this page were taken and scanned personally.
The graphics on this page are for promoting my dvd, and are not to be used for other purposes.

Privacy guarantee: No addresses or personal information will be harvested or sold. My computer runs on Linux, and is not vulnerable to common viruses and worms (if any at all).

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